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Day 943: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

I shoulda explain the title of this post.

I woulda written this post earlier this week, but I had other thoughts about other things I wanted to share, first.

I coulda told you about a poem I wrote last weekend, but there’s no time like the present.

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Is not endorsed by Buddha.

Because I’m not Buddha, I shoulda woulda coulda every day about:

  • tasks,
  • thoughts,
  • feelings, and
  • every other aspect of life.

I shoulda ask if you do the same.

I woulda taken more relevant photos yesterday, if I’d been more focused and mindful.

I coulda taken a better picture of last night’s blue moon, for sure.

I shoulda think of some good-enough music for this post-blue-moon post. I woulda included tunes I heard yesterday by Pat Metheny and Stephen Sondheim. I coulda share this classic, which I heard last night on the radio in a new (to me) version:

I shoulda woulda coulda rest my sore typing thumbs this weekend. Let’s see if I do.

I shoulda say, now, I’m not sure how others woulda and coulda order the words shoulda, coulda, and woulda.

Coulda I care about the perfect order? Shoulda I say? Woulda it matter?

What matters to me is if there’s anything you shoulda woulda coulda comment.

I shoulda thank Buddha, Tom Morello, Tennessee Ernie Ford (who coulda sing a mean version of “Sixteen Tons” by Merle Travis I loved when I was young), the moon, my thumbs, all those who helped me create today’s post, and I woulda be a very ungrateful blogger if I didn’t thank you.

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