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Day 3266: PLEASE NO ______

Before the pandemic hit, I made this button for a patient (who was dealing with a judgmental family member) and for myself:


Yesterday, I asked this question on Twitter:

I was pleased to see that people had many responses, including

  • lies,
  • gun violence,
  • racism,
  • misogynists,
  • homophobes,
  • excuses,
  • hate,
  • judgment,
  • disrespect,
  • wars,
  • injustice,
  • stupidity,
  • bullies, and
  • beets.

Some people replied that their button would simply say “PLEASE NO.” I can definitely relate to that, especially when I’m feeling so overwhelmed I have trouble pleasing anyone.

It’s occurring to me, here and now, that the button could also read “PLEASE NO ONE MORE THAN YOURSELF.”

Please no applause until the end, as I share my other images for today.

Please no lager for me; I don’t drink alcohol.

Please no worries about my sharing more relevant theme songs for these times. Here’s “It’s the End of World as We Know It” by R.E.M.

… and “I Got it From Agnes” by Tom Lehrer.

Please no need to leave a comment, but I’ll be pleased if you do.

Please no endings without gratitude for all, including YOU!

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Day 3057: Windows

Yesterday, while I was walking around my neighborhood gazing at windows of people’s homes, the wonderful tune “Windows” by the late, great Chick Corea appeared in my headphones.

While I was listening to “Windows” and looking at windows yesterday, I was thinking about how I did not see any houses — with windows or without — in all my miles and miles of walking in Nashville earlier this week. And this gave me a window into my priorities: for some reason, I need to be around houses with windows. So even though my first Lyft driver in Nashville — who was probably talking to me through a plexiglass window — told me I would never, ever want to leave Nashville, I was actually ready to return on Thursday to the windows of my neighborhood near Boston.

If I do return to Nashville again, it will be to revisit fellow blogger extraordinaire, Chris Waldrop, seen here holding an Elliston Place Soda Shop milkshake in front of a background of windows:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what do Chris’s eyes tell you? They tell me he is an open, engaging, bright, caring, sharing, friendly, funny, and all-around fabulous human being.

Now I’d like to give you a window into our conversation on Wednesday: Chris told me he had some discomfort with compliments and I told him that the people who deserve compliments are often uncomfortable with them — which provides an interesting window into human nature.

I hope you like windows as much as I do, because all the photos I took yesterday have windows in them.

That sign on a nearby Post Office window gives you a window into the minds of New Englanders.

Here are some quotes about windows:

I hope you’ll be sharing your thoughts and feelings about this “Windows” post in the comments section, below.

This is my window of opportunity to express thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 1665: Good Deeds

Is it a good deed for me to share good quotes about good deeds?

Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.  — Buddha

The true nature of all wealth is temporary; those who have wealth must here and now do good deeds that will live for a long time.  — Thiruvalluvar

To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.  — Sophocles

Let each man think of himself as an act of God, his mind a thought, his life a breath of God; And let each try, by great thoughts and good deeds, to show the most of heaven he hath in him. — Philip James Bailey

Time, which wears down and diminishes all things, augments and increases good deeds, because a good turn liberally offered to a reasonable man grows continually through noble thought and memory. —  Francois Rabelais

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, but only one bad one to lose it. — Benjamin Franklin

Neither soldiers nor money can defend a king but only friends won by good deeds, merit, and honesty.  — Sallust

A man must be willing to die for justice. Death is an inescapable reality and men die daily, but good deeds live forever. — Jesse Jackson

All I ever seek from good deeds is a measure of respect. — Walter Annenberg

Some people feel good about helping others and they do so often. They do not realize that their good deeds have a second agenda. They want to be appreciated. — Gary Zukav

Big words seldom accompany good deeds. — Charlotte Whitton

Be prepared, and be careful not to do your good deeds when there’s no one watching you. — Tom Lehrer

Thinking good deeds is not enough, doing good deeds is not enough, seeing others follow your good examples is enough. — Doug Horton


Seeing others follow my good examples of good deed quotes would be good enough for me.

Do you see any good deeds in my photos from yesterday?













It’s a good deed to share music you love, including this good number from the musical Wicked.


Good thanks to everyone whose good deeds helped with my daily deed of blogging and to you — of course! — for all your good deeds, here and now.

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Day 1399: National ___ Day

In my nation of the United States of America, EVERY day is National Something Day.

If today is National Skepticism Day where you are, check out this link.

Yesterday, I saw signs for two out of the three National _____ Days listed for October 29:



Today — which is National Candy Corn Day,  National Speak Up for Service Day, and  National Publicist Day — I am speaking up and publicizing all the other corny photos I took (in order) on National Cat Day, National Oatmeal Day,  and National Hermit Day:






























As you can see, we gave our cats some toys for National Cat Day,  and they celebrated like they do on any other day.

In anticipation of some upcoming national events here (including Halloween and Election Day), here’s “National Brotherhood Week” written and performed in the 1960s by our national treasure,  Tom Lehrer (who is still alive on this day):


Finally,  what day would you like today to be? I’m speaking  up — candidly, cornily, and publicly — and declaring today National Gratitude Day, as I express gratitude to all who helped me create this post and — of course! — to all my readers.

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