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Day 2188: I’m very aware of the passage of time

I’m very aware of the passage of time, as I took time to express in a therapy group exercise about time.


Are you very aware of the passage of time?  Do you believe that you have all the time you need? Do you rush and get very anxious because of time? I’m very aware that the passage of time affects everybody.

I’m very aware of the passage of time in my other photos from yesterday.






I’m very aware that I notice more over the passage of time.  What do you notice, during this very precious time?

I’m very aware of the passage of time that’s bringing me closer to the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for me sing a new original song at a local Open Mic.  I’m very aware that I need to choose between “Don’t Call Me” and “It’s Not Me.”

I’m very aware that I haven’t yet shared the lyrics of “It’s Not Me.” I will, after sharing this passage-of-time song:

I’m very aware of how much time passed before I found “Time Has Come Today” by the Chamber Brothers. Feel free to pass the time by sharing your favorite song about the passage of time, below.

Before any more passage of time, here are  lyrics for “It’s Not Me.”‘

It’s Not Me

by me, Ann Koplow

It’s not me resenting

the mistakes of the past.

It’s not me presenting

why our love shouldn’t last.


It’s not me who’s judging,

It’s not me keeping score.

It’s not me begrudging

Saying “you should do more.”


It’s not me who’s hurting,

It’s not me feeling bad.

It’s not me deserting

All the good things we’ve had.


It’s not me complaining

From dusk until dawn.

It IS me explaining

That it’s me, moving on.

© Ann Koplow, 2018

I’m very aware of the passage of time as I ask for comments and express my thanks to all  (including YOU!) who have helped me in my blogging passages, over time.

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Day 712: TIME

Okay, bloggers and bloggettes, it’s TIME for me to write a post about TIME and it’s TIME for you to read it, although we’re talking about two different TIMEs, already.

Speaking of different TIMEs, it’s TIME for me to include a song about TIME:

When I woke up this morning, not on TIME for a workday but definitely on TIME for a weekend, “TIME!” from this song (by the Chambers Brothers) for which “TIME!” was an important lyric, was timing in my head. If you have TIME to listen to this extended, live version, you can hear it here or visit there on YourTime, I mean YouTube.  If you don’t have enough TIME for that, the original version which the radio had TIME to play in the 1960’s is timing here on YouTube and playing here at the same time:

Yesterday, I SOMEHOW had enough time to

  1. Get up, get out of bed, check in with my son’s progress doing the same, get ready for work, start up and drive my car, and other TIMEd routines I do all the TIME,
  2. Work out on exercise machines while people and machines tracked my heart and cardiac pacemaker the entire TIME,
  3. Spend TIME at work with medical professionals and patients wanting therapy support,
  4. Take TIME to have a combination of mac & cheese and salad which I took TIME some TIME ago to write about here,
  5. See my son star in a play all about TIME, at the same TIME that other talented teenagers were on stage with him,
  6. Watch comedian Norm MacDonald spend some quality TIME on another Boston-area stage, making those of us who had taken the TIME for humor on a Friday night laugh at his TIMING and his thoughts about cannibalism, Cosby, crankiness, chops, chubbiness, cheese sandwiches, and crying (and those are just the C word topics I can remember, at this TIME).

The entire TIME I worked on that TIME list above

  • the words, every TIME I typed one, were jumping up and down on the screen, often out of my sight, because of recent interface changes WordPress took the TIME to implement without apparently taking the TIME to test whether these changes were actually improvements or approved by their users, forcing me to take more TIME creating this post and
  • this video — about Lester Chambers and the rest of the Chambers Brothers not getting residuals over TIME from “Time Has Come Today” — was playing, TIMEd to start automatically:

If I haven’t taken enough TIME, so far, to explain  well enough to you how much harder it is for me to take the TIME to write my daily post for you today, let me take more TIME, right now:

WordPress, the boss of me right now, yesterday trafficked in changes that make it markedly more difficult and TIME-consuming for me to create a post at this TIME. Whether this requires me and other people taking the TIME to advocate for change here … TIME will tell.

I shall now take the TIME to include photos I took the TIME to take yesterday:

IMG_3385 IMG_3387 IMG_3389 IMG_3390 IMG_3392 IMG_3394 IMG_3395 IMG_3396 IMG_3399 IMG_3400 IMG_3401 IMG_3403 IMG_3404 IMG_3405 IMG_3407 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3414 IMG_3417 IMG_3420 IMG_3422 IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3436 IMG_3446 IMG_3448

Thanks to my son, Lester Chambers and the Chambers Brothers,  the cardiac rehab peeps from Mount Auburn Hospital, everybody I saw yesterday at work, Kevin from Starbucks, the Arlington Children’s Theater, Declan Keefe, Matt Lundeen, Norm MacDonald, other people who helped with the creation of this post, WordPress (for giving me the opportunity and TIME to work on my patience), and MANY thanks to you, for taking your precious TIME here today.

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