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Day 1407: Enough

As if other people aren’t asking you enough questions these days, I have another one for you:

Do you ever feel like saying “Enough”?

This morning, when I woke up sore from my third surgical procedure in 45 days, facing one more day before the U.S. Presidential election, adjusting to another time change, looking at more than enough new emails in my inbox, having enough things to take care of today, not having enough energy on stairs, and recently receiving this mailing from the Mayo Clinic …


… I said to myself, “Enough!”

If, at this point, you don’t have enough information about what I’ve been going through lately,  you could read some of my recent blog posts. But, honestly, I don’t know if you have enough time to do that.

Now, I know  I have enough things to be grateful for in my life, but sometimes I wonder whether we give ourselves enough time to just stop and say, “Enough!”

Have I written enough to make my point?

Because this post isn’t random enough, I want to tell you that I recently told my boyfriend Michael (who is more than enough for me) that if I ran for President of the United States, I thought this would be enough of a platform to get me elected:

  1.  Enough with the time/clock changes! We’re going to pick one and stay with it!
  2. Enough with advertising holidays before we’ve gone through the most recent one! For example, no Thanksgiving advertising until after Halloween, and no Christmas advertising until after Thanksgiving!

Do you think that platform would be enough to get me elected?  If not, I have more than enough other ideas (including ENOUGH WITH THE UNASKED-FOR UPDATES TO SOFTWARE FOR OUR DEVICES!)

Let’s see whether I have enough new photos on my iPhone (which, by the way, has a cracked screen because it’s taken enough abuse from me):













Do you think there are enough cat photos on the internet?  And if I haven’t given you enough information about the photos above, Michael conducted another cooking lesson with my son Aaron (who’s far enough away in Edinburgh) via phone last night, making enough delicious vegetarian chili for us.

There’s enough music on YouTube, including these two songs (here and here):

I certainly spent enough time dancing to that first song in discos, decades ago.

As if this all weren’t enough, WordPress is having trouble saving this post. Will I have enough time to publish it successfully before I have to leave for cardiac rehab?

If you have enough to say about this “Enough!” post, I hope you know enough to comment, below.

And, yes, I do have enough gratitude for all those who helped me create today’s blog post and to you — of course! — for having enough time and energy to visit here, today.

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Day 1169: Grumpy

I have many reasons to be grumpy right now, including the following:

  1. I’m always grumpy immediately after a time change,
  2. I’m wearing a new dental device to treat my sleep apnea, which puts my jaw out of joint (temporarily) overnight,
  3. my only child– who’ll be graduating high school in June — will be leaving home very soon,
  4. our cat Oscar likes to bite me in the mornings,
  5. I ate way too much fat and sugar yesterday,
  6. I discovered that the whiteboard at my new office in Newton had fallen down,
  7. when we were moving the desk for my new office, one of the legs fell off,
  8. my son and I visited a make-your-own-Sundae place near where I grew up, which made me miss my late mother,
  9. I didn’t have any time alone yesterday to relax, and
  10. my empathy makes me join with any grumpy creatures around me.

What makes you grumpy?

Of course, I have many reasons not to be grumpy today, including the fact that I have lots of new pictures to show you.








I am inspired by the cool fish in that last photo to let go of all remaining grumpiness with a song:

Many thanks to all who helped me create today’s grumpy post and to you — of course! — no matter how grumpy you’re feeling, here and now.

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