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Day 2553: Why we love weddings

Why we love weddings is the topic of the online article Science Reveals the Age-Old Secret of Why We Love Weddings So Much” which includes these quotes:

“When there’s a bit of uncertainty in the world,” Norton told Mic, “looking for a little bit of order is something humans like to do. It could be by doing a private ritual. It could be by doing a social ritual. Rituals make people feel like they have a handle on things. We know from lots and lots of research that feeling in control is a huge predictor of well-being. People who feel they don’t have some control over outcomes in their lives tend to suffer.”

It’s easy to think that rituals like weddings are pointless and overdone. But that big cake, sparkling white dress or bouquet toss are helping us move through life in a positive and healthy way. There’s no need to apologize for embracing it.

People seemed to love our wedding yesterday, even though there was no big cake or sparkling white dress. However, there WAS a bouquet toss.

If you love any of those wedding pictures, you can click on them to enlarge them.

Immediately after the wedding in the City Clerk’s office, Michael loved pretending he was the City Clerk  …


… and his brother Martin loved pretending he was exerting some influence in city politics.


I loved that the City Clerk, Nicole Crispo …


… loved those goofy photos of Michael and Martin.

I love everyone who was at our wedding, including my friend Carol


… who took many more lovely photos of our wedding, which I love.  If you love weddings, I’ll include those in a future post (if I can figure out how to get them here).

I love that Aaron’s long-time friend Clark …


… caught the lovely bouquet.

I love that my son Aaron looked so handsome in his tuxedo …


and I love that Michael and Aaron love each other so much.

Do you love weddings enough to watch yesterday’s entire ceremony, taped by Michael’s loving and lovely sister-in-law, Tammy?

I love that I was thinking about this wedding scene from Best Friends with Burt Reynolds, Goldie Hawn, and Richard Libertini when Michael and I  said, “I thee endow.”

I would love any comments about weddings or love, below.

Thanks to all the lovely people who witnessed our wedding, including YOU!




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