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Day 1028: Can’t do it alone

Whether it’s blogging, work, play, or other parts of my life, I need support from other people, because I

Even fiercely independent people (like me, sometimes)

I’m a group psychotherapist because I believe people

Yesterday, other group therapists and I discussed how people

That photo I took yesterday

… so here are some other photos:


Yesterday, people tried to guess this riddle

… but nobody could do that alone, so here’s the answer:

No guts.

Even though people

… it takes guts to ask for help and support.


… without music, so here‘s something I heard, yesterday, after the group therapy retreat.

Because I can’t do any blog post alone,

I’d like to thank people who heal in groups, Aaron Copland, Thomas Whaling (for the Copland video), Whole Foods, PetSmart, T.J. Maxx, and you — of course! — for not doing it alone, today.

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