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Day 1289: Masks

At various points during the day yesterday, people coming into my hospital room  — where I’m being treated for pneumonia and some associated heart failure —  have had to wear masks, for their protection and mine.

Because I’ve been wearing various types of oxygen masks and because my face has sometimes been a mask of exhaustion, illness, worry, nausea, and anxiety, I haven’t taken a lot of photos of those masks.

Here’s the one photo I took yesterday.


Who is that masked  man?

That is my long-time and trusted cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem.  To me, the mask cannot hide his wonderfulness.  Both times he showed up in my room yesterday, he dispelled my masks of worry and fear.

What music am I about to unmask for this post about masks?

I cannot mask my delight and appreciation for your visit to my blog, here and now.

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