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Day 1980: Now what?

Now, what happens when you accomplish something?  Do you ever ask yourself, “Now what?”

Now what should I do after performing my first original song at an Open Mic? Now what can I do to top that? Now what makes me think I have to top that?

Now what gets in the way of my being here, now, and enjoying all the now has to offer?

Now what photos do I have to show you?


Now what do you do during busy times? Now what do you think I was doing when I took that photo?


Now what wants to be chosen, heard, stuffed, stitched, fluffed, dressed, named, and taken home?


Now what are we fighting about if we are all human?



Now what helps you stay cool? Now what is a museum of ice cream?


Now what kind of person would wear that t-shirt? Now what kind of roll is that?


Now what music does that Meowsic make?

Now what video could I possibly include here?

Meow what video could top that?

Now what are you going to say in a comment?

Now what should I end with, except gratitude for the now, the meows, and YOU?


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