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Day 2603: Metaphors

As an English literature major and a clinician practicing narrative therapy, I often notice metaphors, including thinly veiled ones:

If you read carefully that comic strip by Levni Yilmaz, you’ll also discover cognitive distortions including shoulds, emotional reasoning, labeling, and blaming.

Do you see any metaphors in my other captured images from yesterday?




I wonder if it’s a metaphor that on this Presidents’ Day weekend my phone and my laptop are not communicating and are refusing to share images with each other. Maybe it’s a metaphor that I’m working harder to create these posts, starting on my phone and then completing my daily blog on my laptop.

Nevertheless, it’s easy enough to share this metaphor-filled song, performed by The Temptations and UB40:

I look forward to any metaphors, similes, or other figures of speech in your comments, below.

Thanks to all who helped me create this “Metaphors” post, including YOU!



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Day 1836: The Way You Do The Things You Do

Do you pay attention to the way you do the things you do?

I try to pay attention to the way people do the things they do,  especially because I’m a psychotherapist.

I try to pay attention to the way I do the things I do, so I can learn from my mistakes and grow.

Here’s the way I do the blog things I do:

  • I often gain inspiration from the way I see the things I do.


  • I include music that does the things it does.

Please consider commenting the way you do, below.

Here’s the way I express thanks to the Temptations and to you, for the way you do the things you do.


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