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Day 3040: Unexpected appearances

Yesterday, when I was on my walk, the title of today’s post unexpectedly appeared to me when I encountered this unexpected appearance:

When Michael and I first saw our current home almost exactly four years ago, we saw the unexpected appearances of a rafter of wild turkeys in the neighborhood. I’ve expected other appearances of turkeys since then, but yesterday was the first time one unexpectedly appeared to me again.

The first night we moved in to our home by the bay, there was an unexpected appearance of a coyote walking near us on the beach. There have been many appearances of coyotes since then.

At this point, I guess I should expect the unexpected: appearances, disappearances, and everything else.

Are there more unexpected appearances in today’s other images?

Were any of those unexpected appearances particularly useful for you?

When I was looking at flowers yesterday, this Kenny Barron tune made an unexpected appearance in my headphones:

Later, while I was watching A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, there were more unexpected appearances, including this one:

Now I’m wondering if there are going to be unexpected appearances in the comments section, below.

Finally, here are the expected appearances of gratitude at the end of todays post.

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Day 2447: Crowded

As usual, my mind is crowded with lots of thoughts, including ideas about what to write in today’s blog post.

Last night, I watched part of the debate among the crowded field of Democratic candidates for President of these United States. Did anybody stand out from the crowd, for you?

Yesterday, my day was crowded with three Coping and Healing groups — two for patients and one for staff.

In one of the groups, I handed out the Rumi poem “The Guest House” which mentions “a crowd of sorrows.”


I love this kind of acceptance of whatever thought or feeling enters our crowded hearts and minds. In other words, nothing we feel or think should be considered trash.



The white boards in the group rooms were crowded with lots of topics.




The word “unexpected” stood out from one of those crowded lists.



It looks like the letter “D” has been crowded off the page in that photo.

Let’s see what other recent photos are on my crowded iPhone:





Our awareness of our positive qualities are often crowded out by our focus on our negative ones. That’s why we made a list of positive qualities in one of yesterday’s groups.

Here’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.


Hey now, hey now, I’m facing a day crowded with individual therapy appointments and two groups, so this post is over (but not before I share a crowd of thanks).




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Day 2384: Expect the unexpected

Yesterday, I got this unexpected email:

Dear Ann Koplow

We have been looking at the database of shows who still want something, either runs or infills.

We would like to offer you the slot(s) below:

Show number 306 provisional title Group “Therapy” with Ann

Mo 19 13:00-14:00 Natural Food Kafe Basement Room

If you accept, please email this address immediately.

If these are extra performances, you will already have sent a picture and blurb. If you have not sent a picture and blurb, please immediately send one via the form. Full instructions are attached.

If you don’t want what’s offered but want something else, please email back saying what. Be as precise as you can.

If you don’t want this at all, please email back and say so. Make things as clear as possible. For example, if you’ve asked for extras but now don’t want extras, but want to keep your main run, say that. We don’t want any mistakes.

All offers are immediately void if you have breached the Ethos and Rules by applying to any other free-admission promoter, including pay-what-you-want and pay-for-priority-admission-otherwise-free. Or breached them in any other way.

Please reply as soon as you can so that we can fill the spaces as well as we can, and get your show in the Wee Blue Book.

Thank you

Free Fringe Team

I didn’t expect that!  I expect that email means that I will have a show at the Free Fringe in Edinburgh on August 19 at 1 PM, unless my responding back six hours later wasn’t immediately enough.  I expect it was, but I never seem to expect anything for sure.

With my life (see as many posts in this blog as possible), I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I expect good things will come my way and they often do! I also expect I’ll have trouble sleeping trying to anticipate and plan for the unexpected.

I expect I’ll have to market the hell out of this Edinburgh Fringe Festival opportunity, especially because of the time and location of my show.  Expect to read more about this, here, in the month ahead.

I just posted this unexpected news on my Facebook page:

I GOT A SHOW AT THE EDINBURGH FRINGE! August 19th, 1 PM, The Natural Food Kafe. Consider making this part of your vacation plans.

Unexpectedly, somebody already has replied that they’ll be going.

Expect the unexpected photos.
















Expect an explanation of at least one unexpected photo.  That little fishing dude, directly above, reminds me of the old saying “Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”  I expect you’ve heard that one before.

Expect the unexpected video:

I expect that no one will watch or listen to that whole thing.

I expect the unexpected comment, below.

Expect gratitude here, every day, for all who help me live each unexpected day, including YOU!




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Day 2383: Keep doing what you’re doing


“Keep doing what you’re doing” is

  • something I’ve written on my white board and on prescription pads at work,
  • often a validating, supportive, and encouraging phrase,
  • a non-judgmental acceptance of habitual behavior, and
  • a new title for this blog.

Because WordPress and my laptop keep doing what they’re doing,

  • I can’t save a post while I’m writing it and
  • only some of my photos are loading today.

Keep doing what you’re doing, including smiling,








noticing signs,




avoiding danger,




and focusing on what’s important to you.




I keep doing groups and I keep doing rhymes.  Yesterday, I wrote this rhyme in a group focusing on “the unexpected.”

The unexpected

Needs to  be respected

And not neglected

And definitely accepted.

People keep listening to this podcast interview about my heart keeping on:

I keep sharing what I’m sharing in this blog, including this song by Anita Wilson:

Keep doing what you’re doing and if that includes commenting on this blog, thank you!

I keep expressing gratitude every day for the help I receive from others, including YOU.



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Day 1161: Prepare for the expected

As expected, I wasn’t prepared, yesterday, for this:


I expect we seldom expect signs about preparing for the expected.

How would you prepare for the expected?

Prepare for the expected list in this daily blog.

  1. When my son’s father, Leon, and I decided to stay together in 1980, I never expected we would separate or divorce.
  2. I expected our son, Aaron, to grow up to be a fabulous young man.
  3. These days, I expect all three of us to get along  well, even when we’re working on the expectedly difficult and complicated,  like financial applications to college.

Prepare for  expected photographs.

As expected, WordPress presented those photos unexpectedly.

Were you prepared for the expected in this post?  I’m prepared for both expected and unexpected comments.

Prepare for the expected thanks to Aaron, Leon, Target, PetSmart, Harley the cat,  and all others who helped me create this expected post. Prepare for the expected special thanks to you — of course!  — no matter what you expected today.

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