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Day 482: Who cares?

This morning, the title of today’s post was right there, as I woke up.


Who cares?

That two-word title was staring me in the face, as was this creature:


It was not to be denied.

And I have to admit, dear readers, I groaned a little.  I thought

What kind of post can I write with THAT title?  Another down and depressed one, like yesterday’s?

Because, you know, a title is very important.  It can dictate, guide, and affect a writer and her readers — indeed, any communicator and the receivers of a communication — very much.

For example, when I was running lots of therapy groups at a psychiatric day treatment program, we would talk about the power of the titles for the groups.  That is, even if we were not consciously holding, in our minds, the title of a group, which included:

The Struggle for Change

Self Esteem


Roles and Stories

The Here and Now


Next Steps

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Putting It Into Words

… the name of the group had an effect, every moment, on everybody attending it.

So, a title has a lot of power, doesn’t it? Although, you know, we also have a lot of power to shape and choose what we do, within the structure created by the name.

So, I hereby declare: This will NOT be a depressed post.

Instead, I will answer the titular* question, in a pictorial way.

Who cares?

Well, since I asked ….

Many people, including:


ImageImageImage241c042adc3a02d67e32db2e15108e00 (1)d5030068afc60587a1db6c96fa7409c5 (1)2e4bfa9cac18a65ae47fcec330505332 (1)
And those are just the people who commented on yesterday’s post, as of this writing.  I could also answer

Who cares?

with images of those who “like”ed yesterday’s post, too (leaving out repeats):



Here are some who did not show up yesterday, but have recently:

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You all*** make a difference to me (more than I can put into words, right now).

At this point in this post, I’ve been restricting myself to those who have responded and connected with me, fairly recently, here at WordPress.

What about people, outside of WordPress, who have connected with me lately, too?***

Well, since I’ve created a structure for this post where I’m answering my own questions with images, let me end with this photo (from yesterday):


That’s Kathy, who has shown up in a previous post (here, just about a year ago).  I would like to point out a few things about that photo:

  • Kathy is a professional photographer, who demonstrates her kindness not just with cupcakes (not pictured), but also with acceptance of my images.
  • If you look closely at the hanging light fixture in the background, you may notice a screwdriver inserted there, to shorten it. Bf Michael did that, over a year ago, for my 60th birthday party, so people wouldn’t bump their heads, when we moved the dining room table against the wall.
  • I took that photo, yesterday, because I wanted to quote something that Kathy said, right before she left:

I’m sorry you are feeling so depleted. I hope you feel pleted again, very soon.

Thanks to Kathy; to all those who express caring in their own ways (yesterday, today, tomorrow, whenever); to this wonderfully supportive WordPress**** community; and to you — of course! — for visiting today.

* Just a fancy way of saying “in the title.”

** I have to admit, at this point, that I am definitely “cheating” and adding some photos as people are responding to posts, as well as adding WordPress peeps from a while ago, too. Originally, when I wrote this post, I was just including people who had connected with me within the last couple of days. THAT went out the window, pretty quickly.  Now, as of 12:40 PM on the day after I published this, I am going to stop trying to add everybody who is connecting with me. However, please let me know if you want me to add you to this photo gallery, and I will.

*** Not to mention WordPress people and others who have connected with me in helpful ways, too, whose photos I have not included.

****  I apologize for not including links to people’s blogs, today. I wish I had. Here’s my excuse: I am depleted, because I am recovering from pneumonia. And that’s my excuse, too, in case I left anybody out (which I tried my best not to do) (but which I know I did, inevitably, because this was MUCH more difficult than I expected).  (Feel free to ask to be included, of course.)

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