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Day 2547: What’s this?

What’s this?

It’s the two thousandth,  five-hundredth, and forty-seventh consecutive day of blogging in The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally!

What’s this?


It’s something I liked on Twitter that explains our current political situation.

What’s this?


It’s an interesting article from the New Yorker  I was reading on my phone yesterday.

What’s this?


It’s my too-large wedding ring on a hand that needs a manicure.

What’s this?



It’s Oscar, on a cold New England day.

What’s this?


It’s Annia from Lunaris Jewels responding to my message about my too-large wedding ring.

What’s this?






It’s Louis, Michael, and Robert at Men’s Wearhouse in Braintree.

What’s this?

It’s a song I started writing this morning:

What’s This?

by Ann Koplow

What’s this in your brain

That’s driving you insane?

That keeps you up at night

That dims your special light?

What’s this in your head

That fills your head with dread?

That makes your blood run cold

And freeze as you grow old?

Is it fear of the unknown?

Is it knowing you’re alone?

Is it worry, shame, or doubt?

All your critics, inside and out?

What’s this in your mind

That turns your vision blind?

That makes it hard to see

With any certainty?

Is it danger all around?

Believing you’re on shaky ground?

Is it thinking that it’s just

Never safe enough to trust?

What’s this in your soul

Feeling like a deep, dark hole?

That makes you want to hide

And never go outside?

Is it reality breaking through

With shocking news you never knew?

Or false negativity

Tinting everything you see?

What’s this song’s intent?

What is even meant?

What is its writer’s goal

Evoking brain, mind, head, and soul?

Should you try to banish fear?

Is that what I’m saying here?

Feel the fear, do it anyway?

Go out and face each brand new day?

Or am I warning you

That your fears are really true?

That it isn’t safe out there?

If you do move, step with care?

How many in this room

Think this is a song of doom?

How many of you hear

A call to let go of your fear?

How many are unaware

Of why people’s hands are in the air?

How many just don’t care?

Did anybody note

That I didn’t cast a vote?

For me the jury’s out

What this song is all about.

© Ann Koplow, 2019

What’s this?

It’s “What’s This”  from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What’s this? You’re thinking of leaving a comment?  You can do so, down below.

What’s this?

It’s thanks for being YOU.

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