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Day 3083: Lovable

My lovable readers, which of today’s images seem lovable to you?

Personally, I think the Daily Bitch is very lovable. And cognitive distortions like personalization get in the way of feeling lovable.

Is this a lovable version of “You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Loves You”?

No matter how lovable you feel, please leave a comment, below.

It’s lovable to express and receive gratitude, so thanks to all who help me blog daily, including YOU.

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Day 1293: Tigers

Have you ever wondered why my avatar here at WordPress is a tiger wearing glasses?

As usual, there are many reasons. Two of the reasons appear in a post I wrote my very first year of blogging  — Day 161: Tales of Tigers.

This blogging tiger realizes that you might not have the time  to read that previous Tiger post. So today’s post will focus on these two Tigers:


The tiger on the right is Tiger, my well-worn childhood toy.

The tiger on the left is glad that she’s home from the hospital, healing like the tiger that she is.

What’s some good tiger music for today?

Tiger Tune #1:

Tiger Tune #2:

Tiger Tune #3:

Any comment you’d like to leave behind, Tiger?

Thanks to all the tigers who helped me create today’s tiger of a post and to you — of course! — for being enough of a tiger to be here.

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