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Day 3449: Enlightenment

I often gain enlightenment by interacting with others and somebody on Twitter shared this enlightening image in response to my question about to-do lists:


Here is an enlightening definition of enlightenment:

Here and now, I’m going to make up a new definition of enlightenment: the realization that one of the reasons you’re not sleeping well is that there is too much lightenment in your bedroom because there is no way to hang blackout curtains.

Perhaps one of my readers will offer some enlightenment about how to fix that problem. In the meanwhile, I have en-lightened my wallet by ordering several sleep masks that, so far, aren’t comfortable enough.

Here are some quotes about enlightenment from

Can you find enlightenment in any of my other images for today?

I think it’s funny that I’m blogging about enlightenment and light on National Daylight Day and the longest day of the year. If you need enlightenment about any of the National Days in June, here’s an enlightening link:

I wonder whether people realize that Google is a path to enlightenment about many questions.

Here’s the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for enlightenment:

Thanks to all who help me find enlightenment every day, including YOU.

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Day 3435: Patterns

Human beings tend to see patterns. For example, I see the repeating pattern in today’s blog post number.

Our proclivity for patterns might explain people’s inclinations for conspiracy theories and other misguided cause-and-effect thinking (“gas prices and inflation are higher since Joe Biden took office, it’s his fault!”) Because there are pros and cons to everything (a pattern I see in the world), the tendency to see patterns can give us a sense of connection and it definitely serves artists well.

Do you see patterns in the many images in today’s post?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “patterns.”

I also find this.

I have a pattern of noticing and expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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