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Day 54: My son’s birthday

It’s February 23, and my son is turning 15 today.

I’m so grateful he came into my life 15 years ago.

One of my many vivid memories of that day, right after he was born, was re-seeing, re-experiencing and understanding the word “birthday,” in a whole new way.

To celebrate my son’s birthday, I would like to post here, for your entertainment,  a YouTube video he made, several years ago.

I think my son is very creative and funny. And I love showing this video to people because it makes me laugh, every time I watch it, and I think it captures how creative and funny he is — and has been, since he was really young.

I checked with him to see if it was okay if I posted this today and he said it was. (And I showed him this whole post before I published it, too.)

Here’s the YouTube video, called “The Misheard Lyrics of ‘Louie Louie.'”

As I am posting this, it has over 54,000 views on YouTube!

It makes a mother proud.

But not as proud as I am about my son, and the person he is.  And not just on his birthday — every day.

Happy Birthday, Aaron!


Your mother

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