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Day 631: The Dark

Why am I writing about The Dark today, for the first time?

I’ve dealt with several dark issues here over the last twenty-one months (yes, I counted), including:

  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • childhood illness,
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
  • suicide,
  • and many more.

So why this title, today?

Is it because Mambo has moved in, next door?

IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9282 IMG_9283  IMG_9285 IMG_9284 IMG_9286 IMG_9287 IMG_9288

I don’t think that’s the answer. Mambo moved in a couple weeks ago.

Is it because it’s the beginning of autumn (also called “fall” in these parts) and it’s going to get dark, earlier and earlier?


Is it because I took this photo, two nights ago?


Maybe.  I took that photo in the middle of the night, hoping to capture a shadow on the wall that looked like a giant menacing bat, after I had managed to wake myself up out of a nightmare.

I knew that if I had the flash on while I took that photo, the shadow would go away. But, as you can see, the image came out completely dark, with no shades of gray.

Why was I trying to capture that big, bat-like shadow?  I’m not sure. I suppose I wanted to contain it and –perhaps — to share it with others, as a way of reducing its power.

I WAS able to capture something else that same night, immediately before I took that very dark photo:


A cat, not a bat.

Which reminds me of a song I’ve been meaning to share with you lately:

(“Mammal” by They Might Be Giants, illustrated by thehoosieret, found here on YouTube)

After I took that picture of The Dark, the night before last, I saw some other mammals, in the light.


IMG_9515 IMG_9517 IMG_9518 IMG_9516 IMG_9520 IMG_9522IMG_9523


Thanks to Mambo, to They Might Be Giants, to thehoosieret, to John Lennon, and to all the other mammals that contributed to and who are reading — of course! — this post.

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