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Day 3558: Flexpectations

Last week in a therapy group, somebody used the word “flexpectations” to describe an effective coping strategy. Rather than getting stuck in and disappointed by expectations and assumptions, this person tried flexibly adapting their expectations as situations developed and changed.

Since then, I’ve worked on flexpectations while planning trips for September and May and — despite my old habit of expecting disappointment — good things are happening when I least expect them!

Let’s practice flexpectations as we make our way through the rest of this blog post.


Here and now, I have flexpectations about meteors, social media, Bomb Pops, and handshakes.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “flexpectations.”

I have flexpectations about what comments I’ll get about this post and I have gratitude for all who helped me create it, including YOU!

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