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Day 1567: It’s all about you

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “It’s all about me.”  Now, thanks to a teabag I saw yesterday, it’s all about you.


You, you, you. It’s all about you.

You would love my friend Barbara. When you visit, she gives you tea and takes you on great walks near the water.




You know what’s good for you?  Barbara would tell you it’s all about coloring.



Hey, you! If you observe Easter, Happy Easter.  If you observe Passover, Happy Passover.

It’s all about you no matter what you observe,  so here are more photos I took for you.










Which of those photos do you like best? Are any of them all about you?

“It’s All about You” is here for you, on YouTube.

If you like, you can leave a comment that’s all about you.

In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you.

In the end, it’s all about my gratitude for you.


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Day 818: Funny

It’s funny how funny is so important to me,  but this is my first post with “Funny” as the title.

It’s funny how I got this in a return email last week, from a doctor at work who is leaving the practice:

Don’t worry — I’m starting to catch on to your sense of humor after all this time! And you have already very kindly made it  clear that you’ll miss me — as I will miss you.

It’s funny how I am going to miss that doctor even more, now that I know she uses dashes for punctuation — like I do.

It’s funny how I have trouble remembering positive feedback I get from others, including these lists (from my family in the 1980s and from my co-workers at the job before my current one):


It’s funny how out of all the things on those lists, I am particularly proud of the ones relating to how funny I am.

It’s funny how if I hadn’t facilitated those two groups of people generating  Appreciation  Lists like those above for each other, I never would have known they appreciated me in all those ways.

It’s funny how the other people in those groups really appreciated their Appreciation Lists, too.

It’s funny how I took each of these photos yesterday, thinking about my post today:



It’s funny how I thought of Stephen Sondheim’s “(Not) Getting Married Today” from Company as a great song for this Funny post, and found three versions I wanted to share with you:

If you wish to find Carol Burnett, Madeline Kahn, and the original Broadway cast doing that song on YouTube, I wouldn’t find that funny at all.

Any thoughts, feelings, or songs about funny today?

Funny thanks to my co-workers, my family, chocolate, Philippe Petit, The Friendly Toast, the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge Massachusetts USA, What We Do in the Shadows, Stephen Sondheim, Carol Burnett, Madeline Kahn, the original cast of Company,  and all the funny people who have made my life worth living, including you!

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