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Day 1851: The Unexpected

I didn’t necessarily expect this, but yesterday’s therapy group wanted to focus on “The Unexpected.

I wrote some expected questions about  “The Unexpected” on the white board.


In some groups, it would be unexpected for the group facilitator to answer any of  her own questions (like “What is your personal experience of the unexpected?” “What makes the unexpected more difficult?” “What helps you deal with the unexpected?”)   In my groups, that’s expected.



It might be unexpected that I would change the famous saying “Man Plans, God Laughs” to “Ann Plans, God Laughs,” but, as several people said in the group yesterday,

Expect the unexpected.

I expect the unexpected whenever I check the news. Today, the unexpected news includes the following:

There’s also news today about sexual harassment and abuse of power, but that was not unexpected.

I have one more unexpected photo to show you.


And here‘s Elton John, singing after the unexpected death of Princess Diana in 1997.


I expect you might have some thoughts and feelings about the unexpected.

Is it unexpected that I would thank all who helped me create today’s post and you, too?



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Day 1161: Prepare for the expected

As expected, I wasn’t prepared, yesterday, for this:


I expect we seldom expect signs about preparing for the expected.

How would you prepare for the expected?

Prepare for the expected list in this daily blog.

  1. When my son’s father, Leon, and I decided to stay together in 1980, I never expected we would separate or divorce.
  2. I expected our son, Aaron, to grow up to be a fabulous young man.
  3. These days, I expect all three of us to get along  well, even when we’re working on the expectedly difficult and complicated,  like financial applications to college.

Prepare for  expected photographs.

As expected, WordPress presented those photos unexpectedly.

Were you prepared for the expected in this post?  I’m prepared for both expected and unexpected comments.

Prepare for the expected thanks to Aaron, Leon, Target, PetSmart, Harley the cat,  and all others who helped me create this expected post. Prepare for the expected special thanks to you — of course!  — no matter what you expected today.

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