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Day 1710: Rage

Yesterday, in a therapy group, people spoke about rage without rage but with sadness.  Somebody had witnessed a shooting on the way to group. Another person spoke about rage dividing siblings.  The group discussed the destructive forces of rage in families and also on the world stage.

Despite the focus on rage, the members ended the group with hope and gratitude for human resilience.

What are your thoughts about rage?  How does rage affect you?

I’m not sure what images to share today, since I took no photos yesterday. I shall look through my recent pictures for something that seems relevant.


There will be no miracles here, regarding rage.  We will continue to encounter rage, even though we may wish it away. However,  we can still do our best to connect, understand, learn, and grow.  And maybe, just maybe …


everything is going to be alright.

Check out this “Rage” that’s raging on  YouTube.


Thanks to Guy Collins Animation, to the National Galleries of Scotland, to people who heal in groups, and — of course! — to you, for reading this “Rage” post today.



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