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Day 2788: One Step Closer

Yesterday, when I was one step closer to the seaside on the South Shore of Boston, I heard “One Step Closer” by The Doobie Brothers.

When I searched YouTube for “One Step Closer” I was one step closer to discovering this great live 1992 video of the Doobie Brothers’ One Step Closer Tour stop in Santa Barbara.

If you want to hear the tune “One Step Closer,” it’s playing in the introductory moments of the video before the Doobie Brothers take the stage.  As I watch that concert, I contemplate how we’re one step closer to returning to live outdoor concerts like this in the USA, but NOT YET.  We have to take this process “Minute By Minute” (starting at 22:22 in the video), with safe and careful steps the entire way.

Here are the Doobie Brothers performing “One Step Closer” in 1991 on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson:

I took the step to share that video because a full version of “One Step Closer” was NOT part of the live One Step Closer Tour concert footage above.

Now I’m one step closer to sharing my latest photos with you.





















Every day, we’re one step closer to the end of our cat Oscar’s life, but he’s still our bedmate with warm paws.

What are you one step closer to, here and now?

The one step I always use as my closer is gratitude, so thanks  for taking steps to get closer to me, today.

IMG_5369 2


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Day 2365: Millions of Ideas

Over my long life, I’ve had millions of ideas.

Some of them are private and hidden.

Some of them are inexplicable.



Some of them are rebellious.

Some of them are blooming.

Some of them seem random but aren’t.

Some of them are beautiful.

Some of them seem repetitive.

What do they all have in common?

Hope is what they all have in common. And I hope you share some of your millions of ideas, below.

I have some ideas about which music to share (here and here on YouTube).

Here’s another idea: music is like a time machine for me.

Millions of thanks to those whose ideas helped inspire today’s post and — of course! — to YOU, for all the ideas you bring, here and now.



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Day 1879: Do it right!

Yesterday, when I was doing it right with Physical Therapy for my torn rotator cuff,  I  right away noticed this ….


…. which was right on the top of this.


Do it right and prevent fractures, injuries, and other problems in your everyday activities.

Is that too much pressure, to be told to do it right?  Is telling somebody to do it right the right way to promote acceptance and peace, especially if different people have different opinions about what’s right and how to do it right?

My opinion is that these high school students were doing it right yesterday when they were taking it to the streets, chanting “Gun Control!” and “NRA is not okay!”


The New England weather wasn’t doing winter right yesterday with record high temperatures, but that was all right with me.

Did I do it right with these other photographs?








Somebody did not do it right in that last photo.

After I do something, I wonder, “Did I do it right?”  I do it right by telling myself I did it well enough and then think about how I could do it better the next time.

The Doobie Brothers do it right.

Michael McDonald  and music students do it right at Berklee College of Music‘s 2011 commencement.

Do I do it right when I ask for feedback?


Do-it-right thanks to all who help me do this daily blog and to those who do it right by reading it (including YOU).


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