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Day 798: The Bunny Hop

Yesterday, as I was hopping around the Boston area, I saw some bunnies hopping.

This morning, as I’m hopping around hoping I’ll quickly get used to the clocks hopping forward over the weekend, I’ve discovered this song, hopping on over at YouTube.

That’s “The Bunny Hop” as performed by the Ray Anthony band in 1953, the year your hopping and humble blogger hopped into this world.

As I hop into the beginning of this work week, here are some of my hopping thoughts:

  • I’ll be meeting with somebody, this week, who tends to get hopping mad with people who work in the medical system (like me).
  • A few people I love at work have hopped on out of there lately, for different reasons.
  • On Wednesday, I am getting my teeth cleaned AND working on my taxes, two events that can get my anxiety a-hoppin, for different reasons.
  • It helps me to remember that any progress includes hops forward AND hops back, just like in The Bunny Hop.

Feel free to hop on below and leave any comment that hops into your mind, you hear?

Speaking of hopping and hearing, here’s the first photo I took yesterday, while seeing, hearing, and hopping around town:

My boyfriend Michael and I hopped around in the snow after we saw that sign, trying to figure it out. We’re still not sure which local tree is hearing or getting a hearing, and for what.

Gotta hop to work now, bunnies!

Thanks to Star Market, to Ray Anthony, to photogenic bunny pens (which might hop better if somebody names them),  to rabbits and trees that keep on keeping on, to all those who’ve helped me hop forward in my life,  and to you — of course! — for hopping on over here, today.

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