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Day 552: It’s time to relax

Yesterday, on this Independence Day weekend,  I went for a walk with Barbara, on whom I can always depend.

Barbara was my very first friend, as I wrote about here.  She remains a true-blue supporter of my writing (and all my other endeavors, too).

This weekend, Barbara requested a visit to some places I’ve shown in this blog.

At the Alewife Reservation, I stopped our walk when I saw some red flowers. Almost immediately, I decided to add more loveliness to the shot.


Here are more photos I took, while Barbara and I did our usual journeying down different paths of conversation.

IMG_6570 IMG_6574

I told Barbara I’ve taken several shots of the field of pink ribbons before, but I’ve never been happy with the results. Somehow, with Barbara there, I felt the confidence to take a better photo

IMG_6575and to show it here.

Barbara seemed thrilled to discover these locations with me and observe my blog-creating process.

IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6578IMG_6580IMG_6582   IMG_6583 IMG_6584

After our walk, we had lunch. Barbara told me her new helpful saying is “It’s time to relax!”  I said, “That’s the title of my post tomorrow.”

Yesterday evening, Michael and I did some errands, at a local mall.  As Barbara taught me, it was time to relax.

  IMG_6585 IMG_6586 IMG_6588



The key to relaxing?  Knowing what your essentials are.

Thanks to Barbara, Michael,  all my other essentials, and you — of course! — for any relaxation you might find, today.

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