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Day 3506: Making a difference

This bumper sticker …

… inspired me to ask a question on Twitter last night about making a difference.

That question is getting fewer responses than my last questions of the day usually do, but I still hope it’s making a difference, even if it’s a small one.

It actually doesn’t make a difference to me what level of engagement my questions have on Twitter but it does pique my curiosity: Why is that question having a different level of responses? My best guess is that my Twitter followers are modest and unsure about the differences they are making. My work as a group therapist (which is how I would have answered my own question about making a difference) has taught me that people often make a difference well beyond their awareness.

Are any of my images today making a difference?

I’m relieved that the delicious ricotta gnocchi with pesto sauce from my favorite local Italian restaurant is not making a difference in my weight loss goal. We’ll see if the National Days for August 7 will be making a difference for anyone.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “making a difference.”

I also find this


… and this:


Thanks to all those who are making a difference, including YOU!

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