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Day 3019: Terrified

Yesterday, I was thinking about how terrified I’ve been over the last five years, starting with medical experts in May 2016 insisting I needed something that had terrified me for decades — open heart surgery. Terrified as I was, I survived that, only to encounter U.S. political developments that terrified the world as well as many personal losses.

Now that I’m feeling safer, I’m allowing myself to admit how terrified I really was, letting go of terror I’ve been holding, day by day.

Here are my images from yesterday, including photos of an often terrified cat.

Here is “Terrified” by Childish Gambino:

Here is “Terrified” coupled with Disney’s “The Haunted House.”

Please don’t be terrified about commenting, below.

No matter how terrified I am, I always remember to express gratitude, so thanks to all, including YOU.

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