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Day 2396: Choose to focus on good things

Yesterday, a good friend chose to send me this good thing to focus on:



It’s a good thing that soolooka created that, so that Vivian could send it to me exactly when I needed it.

Let’s choose to focus on good things in my photos from yesterday:





Image 7-23-19 at 11.04 PM









I chose to focus on that donkey last night during a good long walk with Michael and Aaron. I chose to focus on its expression and to share that the good donkey looked a little judgmental to me.  My good boyfriend and my good son chose to disagree.

I choose to focus on this: civil disagreement is a good thing.

I choose to focus on this great rendition of a good song:

Here‘s the original version of that good song:

Choose to focus on good things in a comment, below.

I always choose to focus on gratitude at the end of every post, so thanks to all who helped me focus on the good things here and — of course! —  to you, my good reader.


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Day 1347: Please Take Notice

Please take notice of this notice I noticed yesterday:


Please, take a moment to notice that notice.  What do you notice about it?

Please take notice  that I was near Boston’s much noticed  Fenway Park  when I noticed that.

Please take notice of what I notice, here and now:

  1. I notice the sounds of our cat Harley  eating our other cat Oscar’s special prescription diet.
  2. When my boyfriend Michael and I are away in Minnesota for my open heart surgery later this month, both cats (who will be staying home) will be eating Oscar’s special prescription diet, so we don’t need to worry about Oscar eating Harley’s regular food.
  3. My son’s student visa still has not arrived and I can’t help but notice he is scheduled to leave for the University of Edinburgh in two days.
  4. I am going to follow the advice of my sister Ellen and my downstairs neighbor Karen and call the office of  Senator Elizabeth Warren today hoping they’ll take notice of the visa issue.
  5. I ate a lot of foods yesterday — including kale, spinach, and ginger — that I notice will interact with Warfarin, which I’ll need to take after I get my new mechanical heart valve.
  6. My surgery is less than two weeks away.
  7. My sister Ellen and her spouse Linda gave me noticeably wonderful gifts yesterday, which you might notice in my other photos from yesterday:












My co-workers are taking notice as I get ready for my “game day” of  September 21.  Some of them took notice yesterday that listening to music during recovery from surgery helps with healing. I’ve noticed that too. Please take notice that I’ll be listening to music you may have noticed I love, like this:

Please take notice of this: I’m noticing that “Tell Her You Saw Me” seems like a noticeably apt title and song for today’s post.

Please take notice that I would love to know whatever you notice about this post.

Please take notice of my gratitude to  all  who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for taking notice of my blog today.

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Day 860: M words

M is for Mothers, whose day in May it is today.


M is for Meaningful.

M is for Michael, who Makes yuMMy Meals.


M is for Maria, Mark, Maureen, Millie, Malizia, (Daily)Musings and More Marvelous WordPressers.

M is for Medical Team Members of Mine.


M is for Meow.


M is for Movies, including WelcoMe to Me, which Michael and I saw on May 9,  at a Movie theater in Massachusetts.

M is for More Miscellaneous iMages from May 9:

M is for Monday, May 11 (toMorrow), when I return to My work in a Medical setting.

M is for the  Macaroni and cheese at work, which I will be Munching on May 15.

M is for Mornings, when I Make these posts.

M is for Metheny and Mays, Magnificent Musicians.

“Tell Her You Saw Me” — reMinding Me of My late Mother, Louise Mildred — is Moving on YouTube, with a Marvelously Massive Moon.

Many and Maximum thanks to Louise Mildred, Mothers everywhere, My son, Michael, Maria, Mark, Maureen, Millie, Alan Malizia, DailyMusings, Medical teaMs, Meowers, Movies, Miscellaneousness, Metheny & Mays, Music, May, Meals, Macaroni, the Moon, and all those who Make Meaning, including YOU, My Magnificent readers.

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Day 572: Tell Her You Saw Me

“Tell Her You Saw Me” is a song by Pat Metheny.  Here’s a live version of it:

(found here on YouTube)

I listened to “Tell Her You Saw Me” a lot, when my mother was ill and dying, in the summer of 2008.

To this day, I find it very beautiful and sad.

Yesterday, when I was walking to work, I took this photo:


I thought: I’ll tell my readers I saw that.  I’ll use those initials —  “F.B” —  to share some thoughts about FaceBook, a topic that often comes up in my therapy groups. Plus, my mind seems tuned for making connections, so I was sure I’d identify other F.B’s during the day.

Throughout the morning, I thought of other ways I could use the initials F.B., in order to create a Fine Blog, perhaps, for you.

For example, the doctor I recently mentioned in this post  (about a patient whose application for disability was initially turned down) has the initials  F.B.!  I considered taking a photo of Dr. F.B., for this potential and planned post.

Just then, I checked my email and found that another patient of Dr. F.B.’s, who was also in therapy with me,  had passed away.

Those who worked with this amazing woman, including Dr. F.B., immediately exchanged messages, sharing our surprise and grief.

Later that day, the good doctor F.B.  and I met in person, to talk and reminisce. We agreed that our late patient — despite her many illnesses and challenges — had a spirit so indomitable, we expected her to outlive the two of us.

All day, I remembered and imagined the deceased — her voice, her expressions, the way she met the world.  I heard and saw her, as I worked with other people,  and when I walked  and sat near a quiet brook.  I looked and listened,  the rest of the day, but took no photos.

And I abandoned any previous plans for today’s post.

When I walked back to my car, still not taking photos, I heard “Tell Her You Saw Me.”

I want to tell you this: I loved working with this woman.  She lit up my office, every time she appeared. We shall all miss her, very much.

Even though I’m working on my reactions to death, I still cannot believe that somebody is so there, and then they are not.

If I saw her again, what might I tell her?

I’m grateful I knew her.

Thanks to all my readers,  for looking, listening, and joining with me, today.

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