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Day 3399: What’s in your head right now?

What’s in your head right now?

What’s in my head right now is

  • music from Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George,”
  • gratitude for another day,
  • appreciation for those I love, and
  • resentment about things I have to do that I don’t want to do and which I’ve tried to set limits about many times in the past.

I’m sharing that list to get the last item on it out of my head, so I have more room in my head for better things.

What’s in your head right now as you look at my images for the day?

What’s in my head right now is that the Daily Bitch is overestimating the percentage of humanity that is utterly awful.

“Children and Art“ from Sunday in the Park with George is also in my head right now.

Feel free to share what’s in your head right now, below.

Gratitude is in my head right now so thanks to all who visit my blog, including YOU.

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Day 3397: What I have to do today

Last night, when my husband Michael asked me what I have to do today, I replied with glee, “NOTHING!”

That’s not entirely true. I have to

  • take my medication,
  • blog,
  • call about why they cancelled our autoship of Yesterday’s News cat litter, and
  • tweet twice on Twitter,

but I’m completely okay with all of that.

I’m noticing there are A LOT of National Days (one of the daily tweets I have to do) for April 30, but I don’t have to do any of them.


I don’t have to take a walk and capture images today but I probably will.


The Daily Bitch doesn’t have to do that but it sure sounds like fun!

I don’t have to do this, but I’m sharing “The Day Off” from Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George.

What do you have to do today?

I have to conclude this post with thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 1350: Remembering

On September 11, 2016, I am remembering so much, including:

  1.  9/11/01, when I was in a park  on a  Tuesday with my three-year-old son Aaron, not knowing how I was going to explain to him  what had just happened to our country.
  2. Witnessing my now eighteen-year-old son Aaron going through intense security systems at  Boston’s Logan Airport, yesterday, as he left our country for his college experience in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  3. Spending yesterday evening with my beautiful friend Barbara in beautiful Boston, where we attended  a performance of  Stephen Sondheim‘s Sunday in the Park with George.

Here are some images I’m remembering from yesterday:





































I’m remembering that the song I find most moving from Sunday in the Park with George is “Move On.”

As I am moved by “Move On,” I am also remembering these two things:

  1. I saw the very memorable Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin in the original production of Sunday in the Park with George.
  2. Yesterday, at a toll both outside of Logan Airport, I told the toll collector I had just sent my son off on a plane to college. She replied, with feeling,  “He is missing you as much as you are missing him,” which I love remembering.

What are you remembering, here and now?

I am remembering to thank all who helped me create this post and you — of course! — for remembering to visit this blog, today.

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Day 1345: Outrageous Values

Last night, when my outrageous boyfriend, outrageous son, and my outrageous self were shopping for boots, rainwear, adaptors, and other things my son will value outrageously once he gets to Scotland for college, I saw an outrageously valuable sign.


It’s outrageous how much I value thoughts inspired by signs like “Outrageous Values.” I hope you value my outrageous thoughts about that outrageous sign:

Values ARE personal, so somebody might think my values are outrageous. It’s outrageous how difficult it is to value other people’s values.  Wouldn’t it be outrageously valuable if we could learn to recognize other people’s values as valuable as our own?

Before I saw that outrageously valuable sign, I saw my friend Barbara, whom I’ve been valuing outrageously for sixty years.  Barbara and I share an outrageous number of values, and we also outrageously respect each other’s valuable differences.

Here are some outrageously valuable creations by Barbara:






I  value all that Barbara creates and  I outrageously value her creations with hearts. Hearts are outrageously valuable to all,  including those of us whose hearts are outrageously unusual.

My outrageous values include wanting to eat whatever I like. Outrageously, I’m going to need to adjust that outrageous value after I get outrageously valuable heart surgery on September 21.  Because I’ll be taking the outrageously valuable medication Coumadin after my heart surgery, I’ll be adjusting my diet (which could outrage me).  Last night, I said to my outrageously valuable boyfriend after reading this article on Coumadin “It looks like I’ll never be able to eat guacamole again.”  Michael outrageously replied, “Well, you’ll just have to eat a lot of guacamole over the next two weeks.”

Isn’t that outrageous? Here are some other images I outrageously valued yesterday:






Are there any photos there that you thought had outrageous values?

Before I leave for my outrageously valuable work, here’s some music with outrageous values:

I outrageously value that Barbara and I will be seeing a production of Sunday in The Park with George next Saturday.

If you leave a comment about your outrageous values, I hope you know it will be valued here to an outrageous degree.

One of my outrageous values is gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for your outrageously valuable presence.

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Day 797: What does EMDR stand for?

Answer # 1: Everything Moves, Dear Readers

Yesterday, I heard this very moving song while moving around in my car through the snowy and icy streets of Boston:

That song is “Move On” from Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George, performed movingly by original cast members Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. I recommend that you move to YouTube to play it (if “Move On” is not moving on your screen now).

Here are some of the words from “Move On” that move me:

I do not know where to go.
I want to make things that count,
Things that will be new.
What am I to do?

Move on.
Stop worrying where you’re going.
Move on.
Just keep moving on.

I chose, and my world was shaken.
So what?
The choice may have been mistaken,
The choosing was not.
You have to move on.

Look at what you want
Not at where you are,
Not at what you’ll be.
Look at all the things you’ve done for me:
Opened up my eyes,
Taught me how to see,
Notice every tree,
Understand the light,
Concentrate on now.

I want to move on.
I want to understand the light.
I want to know how to get through.
Through to something new,
Something of my own.

Stop worrying if your vision is new.
Let others make that decision,
They usually do.
You keep moving on.

Something in the light,
Something in the sky,
In the grass,
Up behind the trees,
Things I hadn’t looked at ’till now.

Look at what you’ve done
Then at what you want,
Not at where you are,
What you’ll be.

Just keep moving on.

Anything you do,
Let it come from you,
Then it will be new.

Give us more to see.

Moving on, here are some things I saw and noticed yesterday, moving through my Saturday:

Answer #2: Everything Must Develop, Right?

Answer #3: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 

Answer #4: Endings Might Disappoint Regularly. 

Answer #5: Everybody! Make Decisions & Respond. 

From Sunday in the Blog with Ann, thanks to Everyone Making Dis Real, Especially My Dear Readers.

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