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Day 848: Real Sugar

This is the first photo I took yesterday:

Real sugar is sweet. I’m not sure  what fake sugar is.

Here’s another real sugar shot I took yesterday, by a real sweet accident:

That’s my real sweet son, Aaron, home from his trip to Italy, where one of the highlights was the gelato.

I’m assuming that gelato in Italy is made with real sugar. Do you know, my sweet readers, the answers to these real sugar questions?

  1.  What are the ingredients in gelato, besides real sugar?
  2.  What makes gelato different from real sugar ice cream?
  3. What makes gelato in Italy more real than gelato anywhere else?

Those questions came up in a real  discussion I had with really sweet Aaron and my real sugar-pie honey-bunch Michael, last night.

Here are some other real photos I took yesterday, which I’m sweet on. Which ones are real sugar, to you?


To me, sweet spring tree blossoms look like real spun sugar. For real, a sweet stranger was taking sweet photos of those same real sugar-sweet tree blossoms yesterday, and she was sweet enough to let me take this real picture:

Sweet! Here’s more real sugar, from yesterday:


Sugars, I took those last two shots — at home, sweet, home — of two real-sugar gifts my sweet son brought back from Italy for me and my sugarpie.

What real sugar song might you sweetly choose for this Real Sugar post?

I can’t help myself from using “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” with the Four Tops.

One more sugar shot, for real, before I publish this real sugar post:

Enlightenedly real sugar (or sugar-free) gratitude to Aaron, Michael, sweet refreshments (including gelato), sugar-like flowering trees, Fenway Park, the sweet stranger with the sugar-white iPhone, Kilwin’s chocolates, real thank you’s, tulips, earrings, snow globes, the Four Tops, sugar pies, honey bunches, and you — for your sweet visit here, today.

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