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Day 487: Gratitude Attitude (stinky pinkies)

Your post host (me, whee!) believes that a smart start makes inviting writing.

Perceive/receive a theme/scheme for today, okay?

Hmmm. I’m going to put a  temporary, necessary stop to this priming rhyming, for clarity (or charity):

When I was a kid, my family played lots of guessing games.  One of these was called “Stinky Pinkies.”  Here’s how that worked: One person would think of a two-word phrase (usually an adjective and a noun, but not always) that rhymed, such as

Gratitude attitude

Post host

Smart start

Inviting writing

Priming rhyming

Stinky pinky

Then, that person would give the guessers a clue, such as:

A thankful way of thinking

A WordPress writer

An intelligent beginning

An attractive turn of phrase

A poem that sets up a premise

The name of a great game

And the game would be afoot!

My droll goal, for most of this post, is to show lots of shots of things for which I have a tankful of thankful, with some amusing using of this same game.

It’s up to you to provide guess success.

Stinky Pinky #1

True Clue:    An elevating donation.

Residual visual:




mk created and posted that amazing picture yesterday, for my not-so-secret identity, Super-Recovery-Woman.  I have a tankful of thankful for that.


Stinky Pinky #2

Clue Two: A cat using a computer

Residual Visual:


While that image speaks for itself, the answer is not up to my usual stringent rhyming standards, but … it’s good enough!


Stinky Pinky #3

New Clue: A lucky visitor.

Residual Visual:


That’s my dear friend, Megan, who visited me yesterday.


Stinky Pinky #4

Due Clue:  A bashful fellow

Residual Visual:



Stinky Pinky #5

Clue, too:  An incredible flower

Residual visuals:




Let the guessing, messing, and/or confessing begin!

Thanks to my family, mk, my cats, Pharrell Williams (whose video appears in Game #2), Megan, springtime, rhymers and guessers everywhere, true blue friends and readers, and to you — whoo hoo! — for your exquisite visit, today.

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