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Day 1055: It doesn’t matter

When I woke up this morning, I thought of a new t-shirt I’d like to create, which says

It doesn’t matter what this says.

Do you think a t-shirt like that might matter?

Does it matter that I might include this on the back?

What matters is that you read it.

It doesn’t matter that yesterday’s post had particularly low readership. ¬†What matters is who read it.

Does it matter that all this reminds me of my therapy groups, when I tell people that it doesn’t matter what we talk about, as long as it matters to them?

It doesn’t matter that I took all these photos yesterday.

It doesn’t matter how WordPress orders those photos (and WordPress is ordering them randomly).

It doesn’t matter what music I include here.

Because I visited a podiatrist yesterday, I chose “Stepping Out” by Joe Jackson. But what I choose doesn’t matter.

If so many things don’t matter, what does matter?

You. (Thanks for reading!)


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