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Day 1195: Better late than never

I was late responding to yesterday’s comments.

Better late than never.

I’m late writing and publishing this post.

Better late than never.

More late thoughts, here and now,  about today’s post title:

  1. People (including me) can feel shame about being late.
  2. I tell my  clients to let go of shame and self-judgment  when they’re late for therapy sessions.
  3. I am glad to see people, no matter how late they show up.
  4. My favorite season (spring) is late this year. 
  5. Others don’t judge me as harshly for being late as I judge myself.
  6. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
  7. It’s never too late to learn and grow.
  8. The word “late” also means “deceased.”
  9. It is better to have lived and died than never to have lived at all.
  10. People who are later along in life sometimes think better of their mortality.

Are any of those “Better Late than Never” thoughts better than others?

Are any of my  photos from yesterday better late than never?  Are any of them better never than late?

Here are some better late songs (which might be better and later found on YouTube here, here, and here).


Any thoughts about this better-late-than-never post? Of course,  a comment from you would be better late than never.

Better late-than-never thanks from me to you!

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