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Day 1408: The News

Have you noticed that even when we say “enough,” The News doesn’t stop?

Here’s the latest news:  After I posted The News in yesterday’s new blog post, I went to cardiac rehab and told them the news that I was feeling  worse and more out of breath after getting a new Implantable Cardiac Device last week. (That device was replaced because of the news from the manufacturer that two people have died already from prematurely depleting batteries, which has  been in the news.)  When I exercised on the treadmill at cardiac rehab yesterday, the news was that my heart was not speeding up  correctly, the way it has been  between the time of my open heart surgery in September and my getting the new ICD last week.

How did I react to that news?  I had a complete meltdown, because the news has just been coming and coming at me for the past few months.

Then, I got into my relatively new car and drove to the hospital to deliver the news to my cardiologists.  It’s probably not headline news that I was crying and upset.  My worst fear was that I would hear this news:  Your new device won’t work as well as the old one and your only hope is to get ANOTHER new device.   That would have been too much news for me.

However, the news I got at the hospital was this: In more unexpected news, the pocket that holds my new device is filled with fluid, which means the new device can’t make my heart with its new mechanical heart valve speed up appropriately in response to new exercise. The news included this:  after that fluid is absorbed, the new device SHOULD act the way it was supposed to.

While that news was  “good,”  I don’t think it was news to my medical team that I had some new skepticism about “shoulds.”  Also, the new ICD won’t work correctly until the new and painful swelling and fluid go away, so I need to stay out of work for two more weeks. That might not be great news for my patients.

What’s the news, where you are?

More news: I’ll probably be watching the news tonight, because today is the United States Presidential election.

When I posted my news on Facebook last night, I included this:

I am just doing this to distract everybody from the election. You’re welcome.

What’s the photographic news from my not-so-new iPhone?






More news! We bought a new-to-us vegetable on Sunday, which Michael cooked in a new dish last night. It wouldn’t be news to me if one of my readers knew what that vegetable was (even though Michael and I didn’t).  I’ll tell you this news: Michael said the vegetable looked like fractals, and the Wikipedia page about that vegetable said the same thing!

What helps you deal with the news?  For me, it’s the power of love (also a song by Huey Lewis and The News):


The news would be good for me if you leave a new comment, below.

My final news is that I have new gratitude for all those who helped me create this new post and for you (and I hope that’s not news to you!).

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Day 1398: Out of Order

Yesterday, at cardiac rehab, I saw this sign on one of the exercise machines:


Here are my out-of-order thoughts about “Out of Order”:

  • In the past, out-of-order machines have made me feel uneasy and unsafe, because I’ve been relying on cardiac pacemakers to keep me alive since I was 10 years old.
  • My current  pacemaker is being recalled by its manufacturer, which has placed my plans to return to work next week after my September 21 open heart surgery out of order.
  • My Boston cardiologists have ordered an operation next week to replace my current pacemaker, because other out-of-order pacemakers like it have already killed two people.
  • I am trying to get my thoughts and feelings in order about all this by writing in this blog, talking to friends, and consulting with experts.
  • I shall now show you all my other photos from yesterday, out of order:
















Would I be out of order if I chose this Duncan Sheik song out of all the tunes titled “Out of Order”?

I am not ordering you to leave a comment about this “Out of Order” post, but if you do, that would probably help me put my thoughts and feelings more in order.

Usually I end every blog post with gratitude for all who helped me in the creative process and for all  my readers — of course! — but, instead, here’s another out of order photo (thanks to Mary Ann, a friend from high school):



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Day 1386: Be Audacious

“Be Audacious” seems like audaciously appropriate advice on this audacious Monday in the audacious month of October, 2016.

I mean, so many audacious people are being audacious all around us … why shouldn’t we be audacious, too?

During my audacious recovery from some audaciously recent open heart surgery, I’ve tried to be audacious and focus on my own audacious needs first with doctors and other audacious people in my life. Being audacious in this way has been particularly helpful as I deal with the unexpected and audacious recall of my audaciously important St. Jude pacemaker/defibrillator, which I received 17 audacious months ago.

Indeed, when I saw this audacious flyer, yesterday:


… I immediately thought to my audacious self, “I shall be audacious and make ‘Be Audacious’ the title and the topic of my next audacious blog post!”

Was I being audacious when I took these  other photos on that same audacious day?



















Which photo is the most audacious of all, in your audacious opinion?

My audacious friend Carol sent me this audacious photo yesterday, via an audacious text message:


If you are audacious enough to request more audacious info about any of the audacious photos in this audacious post, I shall be audacious enough to answer.

There are so many audacious possibilities for an audacious video here, but I shall be audacious and choose this one, for your audacious pleasure:

I shall now audaciously thank all those who helped me create this audacious post and  audacious you (for reading it)  with one final audacious photo.


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