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Day 3057: Windows

Yesterday, while I was walking around my neighborhood gazing at windows of people’s homes, the wonderful tune “Windows” by the late, great Chick Corea appeared in my headphones.

While I was listening to “Windows” and looking at windows yesterday, I was thinking about how I did not see any houses — with windows or without — in all my miles and miles of walking in Nashville earlier this week. And this gave me a window into my priorities: for some reason, I need to be around houses with windows. So even though my first Lyft driver in Nashville — who was probably talking to me through a plexiglass window — told me I would never, ever want to leave Nashville, I was actually ready to return on Thursday to the windows of my neighborhood near Boston.

If I do return to Nashville again, it will be to revisit fellow blogger extraordinaire, Chris Waldrop, seen here holding an Elliston Place Soda Shop milkshake in front of a background of windows:

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what do Chris’s eyes tell you? They tell me he is an open, engaging, bright, caring, sharing, friendly, funny, and all-around fabulous human being.

Now I’d like to give you a window into our conversation on Wednesday: Chris told me he had some discomfort with compliments and I told him that the people who deserve compliments are often uncomfortable with them — which provides an interesting window into human nature.

I hope you like windows as much as I do, because all the photos I took yesterday have windows in them.

That sign on a nearby Post Office window gives you a window into the minds of New Englanders.

Here are some quotes about windows:

I hope you’ll be sharing your thoughts and feelings about this “Windows” post in the comments section, below.

This is my window of opportunity to express thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 3028: Be fearless

It might seem fearless or even foolish of me to tell you to be fearless during these extremely fearful times, but I’m just passing on the advice of last night’s Yogi tea.

Let’s be fearless together and look at my other images for the day, all provided at the right time.

Here’s “How to be Fearless” by Smarter by the Day:

According to that video, we can become fearless by continually asking ourselves this question: Will this action improve the well-being of myself and those around me?

Considering that, I press the publish button with fearless gratitude.

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Day 3001: Odd

Three thousand and one is an odd number.

The Lobster is an odd movie.

Odd people can act in odd ways, which can cause you to spend an odd number hours trying to figure them out.

It’s odd how when there is a mass shooting, we hear more about the shooter than those who have been shot.

It’s odd how misogyny and racism are still such potent forces in our lives.

It’s odd how we don’t have common-sense gun laws in the USA.

It’s odd how I can still get nervous about facilitating therapy groups after all these years.

We had an odd thought in a therapy group yesterday — if we are afraid of disappointing others, doesn’t that mean that we must have done something awesome in the past to raise their expectations?

It’s odd how calm I am about doing my taxes this year, because I’ve always had tax-o-phobia.

It’s odd how my work pager makes me jump every time it goes off.

I have an odd number of images to share today.

It would be odd if I didn’t acknowledge that today is the first day of spring, my favorite season!

Here‘s “Who’s in the Odd Socks?” by Andy and the Odd Socks.

Here‘s “The Kids Are United” by Andy and the Odd Socks.

I wonder if I’ll get an odd number of comments on this odd post.

Here’s an odd number of thank you’s to all who help me write my odd posts every day, including YOU!

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