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Day 2427: I’m curious about …

I’m curious about …

  • everything that’s happened to you since the last time I saw you,
  • how you’re doing in this moment (including thoughts, feelings, and body experience),
  • everything that you’re aware of that might be contributing to how you’re doing in this moment,
  •  how other people have been affecting you,
  •  how you’ve been affecting other people,
  • how the weather’s been affecting you,
  • how the news has been affecting you,
  • how you would introduce yourself to somebody who is meeting you for the first time, and
  • what you’re curious about.

If you’re curious about my Coping and Healing groups, I introduce the check-in portion of the group by saying what I’m curious about.  What I’m curious about often includes the curious list above.  Because I don’t want my curiosity to be too important, I always conclude my list of curiosity with this:

Feel free to ignore everything I just said, because it’s YOUR check-in.

I’m curious about this:  even people who have been coming to the group for years often smile at that line.

I’m curious about how these photos affect you:











I’m curious about whether you’ve heard the song “Curious” by Midnight Star.


I am curious about what you would say in a comment below, but feel free to ignore everything I’ve just said, because it’s your comment.

Thanks to all who helped me create this curious post and — of course! — thanks to YOU.




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Day 2280: Are we having fun yet?

“Are we having fun yet?” was something I expressed several times yesterday, as I

  • started packing for my trip to L.A.,
  • grappled with money issues,
  • added a new verse to a song,
  • dealt with hurt feelings,
  • talked to people about hope and hopelessness,
  • had the self control to have the soup instead of the very fun-looking and highly caloric  pasta dish in the hospital cafeteria,
  • couldn’t find my folder filled with group therapy worksheets and exercises,
  • glanced at the news, and
  • facilitated two groups, one of which focused on fun.

Are we having fun yet in today’s blog post?

Are we having fun yet as we try to read my handwriting in today’s photos?













Are we having fun yet as I share this story about when I decided to have fun earlier this week?

Wednesday morning, after my second night in a row of insomnia, I looked at the weather app on my iPhone to decide how to dress for the day.  I saw that the day was going to start out cold but become considerably warmer, so I decided to wear a very light coat.  When I was driving to work, I looked at the app again and noticed that I had been looking at the weather for Cupertino, California, instead of the weather for Boston, Massachusetts, which was going to start cold and stay that way.  I decided to have fun with it, so I laughed instead of complaining whenever I felt the cold.

Are we having fun yet trying to guess what music I’m going to share in today’s post?

YouTube suggests that I share this one:


Are you having fun yet?  If not, how might you have more fun today?  Would it help to leave a fun comment?

Have I expressed my gratitude yet for all those who helped me create this are-we-having-fun-yet post and — of course — for YOU?




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