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Day 3696: Ready

Now that I’ve taken a photo of today’s Daily Bitch Calendar and located a list of the daily holidays, I’m ready to create this blog post.

At this point in my life, I’d like to believe that I’m ready for anything with a healthy balance of preparation and spontaneity.

This week I’m ready for (1) the plumbers to come in and work on the upstairs bathroom and (2) my yearly presentation to social work students about my Coping and Healing groups. I’m ready to respond to any challenges that may arise and I’m ready to try my best to appreciate every moment. I’m also ready to believe that even if I don’t feel ready, I’m ready enough.

Are you ready for my images for today?

Because I had COVID, I wasn’t ready to have my annual Sorry! Game on my birthday. Last night, I was ready to play with my camera shy husband Michael, my son Aaron, and his father/my ex-husband Leon.


Because it’s Madly in Love with Me Day and Self-Love Day, I’m ready to share my original song “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready.”

I’m also ready to share Prince’s much beloved half-time Super Bowl show, but I wonder if it’s ready-for-sharing online.

It IS ready for viewing (yay!), but you need to click on the link to watch it on YouTube.

So many of us weren’t ready to say goodbye to Prince when he left us in 2016.

I’m ready for your comments and I’m ready to express my gratitude to all who helped me create this “ready” post, including YOU!

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Day 3678: Great beginnings

Yesterday, I ended my day by asking a question about great beginnings on Twitter.

Great answers about great beginnings of movies included Raiders of the Lost Ark, La La Land, Jaws, Apocalypse Now, The Producers, Star Wars, Raising Arizona, A Touch of Evil, Double Indemnity, and (last but not least) Up.

Here’s the great beginning of Up.


Do you see great beginnings in my other images for today?

Saying “sorry” is usually not a great beginning, which is why I often respond to “sorry” with “no need to apologize.”

That reminds me that I always play my favorite board game — Sorry! — on my birthday and I’m looking forward to that great beginning next week with no apologies.

Who wants to begin a comment with thoughts and feelings about great beginnings?

Gratitude makes great beginnings and great endings, so thanks to all who help me start my day with great beginnings, including YOU!

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Day 3324: Lame

Yesterday on Twitter, somebody made a lame remark implying that this tweet of mine was lame:

The lame comment was something like “Songs to drown out his owners boring questions.” While I felt momentarily lamed by such a response, I refocused my attention to the hundreds of great responses, like these:

It’s lame how one negative response can drown out hundreds of positive ones, but the human mind can be lame like that. That’s why it’s not lame and also very helpful to consciously focus on the positive.

How lame are my other images for today?

Some people on Twitter think it’s lame that I post the National Days every day. The vast majority, though, seem to like that. So Happy Lame Duck Day!

I did a virtual Open Mic on Friday, but I was so lame, I forgot to push the record button on Zoom before my performance. I hope it’s not lame that I recorded myself doing the “Wedding Song” from Hadestown yesterday and posted it on YouTube.

You might be afraid of making a lame remark in the comments section below, but that’s impossible.

Thanks to all those who help other people realize that they are not lame, including YOU.

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Day 3321: National Optimist Day

In honor of National Optimist Day, this optimist is going to share some quotes about optimists and optimism.

Because I’m an optimist, I believed that my birthday yesterday would turn out well despite some challenges, including a mysteriously missing game of Sorry. I went to two different Target stores in the morning, optimistically believing I would find that favorite childhood game, and my optimism paid off.

Even though I’m an optimist, I didn’t expect to win both games of Sorry I played with my husband Michael and my son, Aaron, but I did!

What would an optimist see in the rest of my images for today?

Here’s Dame Kiri Te Kanawa singing “Cockeyed Optimist” from South Pacific:

Optimistic thanks to all optimists reading this blog, including YOU.

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Day 1799: New and Wonderful

Yesterday, I saw a new and wonderful sign,


a new and wonderful movie,


and new (to me) and wonderful children’s books.




Here are more new and wonderful photos from yesterday:






I am sorry whenever I temporarily lose the ability to notice the quietly profound, amazing, new and wonderful things around me. When that happens, I take another look, and there they are.

Last night, I watched the new and wonderful   50th Anniversary celebration of the Carol Burnett Show. Here’s the wonderful Sorry! skit from The Carol Burnett Show.

If you watch that skit, you’ll see that Vicki Lawrence says a new and wonderful line at 12:49.  I assume that because of Carol’s reaction and because of her wonderful response: “That’s a new one, Mama.”

What’s new and wonderful in your world?

Thanks to all who helped me create today’s new post and — of course! — to you, on this new and wonderful day.

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