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Day 1173: Feeling lucky?

Feeling lucky?

I’m feeling lucky.

I feel lucky that, every day, I find lucky inspirations for my lucky blog posts, like this lucky sign I saw early yesterday on a lucky Saint Patrick’s Day morning:


Even though I didn’t win a prize from any pots of gold, I feel lucky that:

  • I’ve got a lucky number of consistent and kind readers here at lucky WordPress.
  • I do group and individual therapy at a luckily large and well-known teaching hospital in lucky Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • My lucky 18 year old son, Aaron, is luckily healthy, happy, and wise.
  • My lucky boyfriend Michael is lucky enough to have met lucky me.
  • I’m seeing my lucky cardiologist, Dr. Mark Estes, today, who luckily knows more about pacemakers than almost anybody else in this lucky world of ours.
  • Today is Friday, which makes a lot of working people feel lucky.

On lucky Thursdays, I am lucky enough to facilitate two therapy groups. Here are all the other photos I was lucky enough to capture yesterday, in lucky chronological order:



While I didn’t order Lucky Hydrox yesterday, I was still lucky enough to


sing from my heart, as I was walking to and from my lucky workplace.

Here’s one lucky song I was lucky enough to be singing, yesterday, with all my heart:

When I sang “Soothe” on my tryout for The Voice  last month, I wasn’t lucky enough to make it to the show. However, next month I’ll be lucky enough to sing “Soothe” for my fellow social workers at our lucky yearly party.

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see and hear a recording of me singing it, here.

I hope I’m lucky enough to get lots of lucky comments today.

Lucky thanks to all my lucky readers!

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Day 1153: More Votes

During this U.S. Presidential primary season, I have voted for a two-day getaway to New Hampshire with my long-time friend Barbara, to end my winter vacation. 

Would my readers vote to know how else I might  vote? 

Yesterday, I told Barbara I would also vote for:

  1. Acceptance instead of shame. 
  2. Peace of mind instead of worry. 
  3. Sleep over insomnia. 
  4. Fruits and vegetables over sugary snacks. 
  5. Positivity over negativity. 
  6. Traveling light over being weighed down by things I don’t need. 
  7. Self-care instead of self-neglect.
  8. Forgiveness over resentment. 
  9. Moving on from mistakes rather than obsessing over them. 
  10. Openness to change rather than rigidity.
  11. Seeking the good in others instead of expecting the bad.
  12. Enjoying the gifts around me instead of focusing on what’s missing. 
  13. Gratitude over ingratitude. 
  14. The present moment over everything else. 

I also cast a few photographic votes with my iPhone yesterday (most of which are from Barbara’s beautiful coloring book):


In response to my “Votes” post from yesterday, my readers voted for me to include music in this blog if I choose.  

Now I’m realizing I’ve never told you — after all the votes were in — which song I sang for 45 seconds at my audition for “The Voice” last weekend. 

In the moment of judgment, I voted for “Soothe” by Todd Rundgren. 

Why did I vote for “Soothe” over “Mad World”?

I voted for “Soothe” because it meant so much to me to sing that soothing song in a room filled with strangers. 

And, whenever possible, I vote with my head AND my heart. 

How do you vote?

As always, I choose gratitude for your voting to read this blog today. 

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Day 1125: Finding my way

It seems like every day I’m finding my way.

What helps you find your way, every day?

Here are some visuals that helped me find my way, yesterday:










Three weekends from today, I’m finding my wayout of Boston to audition for the TV show “The Voice.”

I’ve found  out — through “The Voice” website —  that an optional part of that audition process is to submit a video of my audition  song to the Voice staff ahead of time, for some pointers  and — perhaps! — finding my way ahead of the audition crowd.

When I do find my way to the audition site in Philadelphia on February 21, I’ll be finding my way through my audition song (which will probably be “Soothe” by Todd Rundgren) without any accompanying instruments. Now I’m finding my way, here, to share this a capella rendition of “Soothe.”

It occurs to me that it’s taken me one thousand, one hundred, and twenty-five days to find my way to showing you what I look and sound like, while singing. 

If you find a way to give me feedback about that video, I’ll be finding my way to reply back.

Why am I finding my way to audition for “The Voice,” when the odds are unlikely  I’ll find myself on the show? Because this is all part of my way of finding my way out of fear.

Finding my way on WordPress always includes thanks to you, my readers, for helping me find my way here.

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