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Day 806: Something to remind you

Here’s something to remind you that Spring is coming:

Here’s lots of  freaking data to remind us that  Spring isn’t here, yet:


I need something to remind me that

  • The path may be icy, but I have the skills and the knowledge to move forward,
  •  I can’t please everybody on the way,
  • I do not have to re-prove my worth every day,
  • I can look up to others and others can look up to me,
  • I can be on the same level as others, look them in the eye, and demand to be heard,
  • Losing things is not the same as losing people,
  • Hearts beat a limited number of times, which reminds me to treasure every heartbeat,
  • We cannot control what others say or do, but we have choices of how to react,
  • Carrots work better than sticks to motivate ourselves and others,
  • Inevitably, we make mistakes, hurt others’ feelings, misunderstand, and are misunderstood,
  • Expecting the worst doesn’t contribute to a better outcome,
  • Worry interferes with action and connection with others,
  • Direct, authentic, and open communication helps relationships,
  • Being messy is not a sin,
  • All feelings are valid,
  • Fear can be an automatic, self-perpetuating habit,
  • People have the ability to change,
  • Lists are always incomplete, and
  • Everybody has unique gifts to share.

Speaking of unique gifts, somebody left this gift for me at work yesterday:

I believe that’s a double-edged sword.

That sword, now between a magic wand and a three-hole punch,  is something else to remind me to teach, learn, and hope.

Today’s date, March 17, is something to remind me of someone committing suicide over 10 years ago.  I remind myself: We can’t control what others do. We can only do our best to show up, be gentle, and tell the truth, here and now. 

Here’s something that reminded me, musically, yesterday:

I’ll remind you that “Something to Remind You” by the Pat Metheny Group can be found on YouTube.

What has this post reminded  you of? What somethings are reminders for you?

I don’t need to be reminded to thank everyone who inspired and helped me to write this post today, including you.

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