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Day 1867: That sucks

When a co-worker mentioned something unfortunate yesterday, I said, “That sucks.” She agreed by saying, “That stinks.”

When you encounter something unfortunate, what do you say?  I’ve also heard people say

  • that bites,
  • that blows,
  • that blows dead rats,
  • that takes the biscuit,
  • that’s unfortunate,
  • that’s awful,
  • that’s terrible,
  • bummer, and
  • I’m sorry to hear that.

No matter what you say, acknowledging unfortunate events does not suck.

People have been saying “that sucks” and other such phrases to me lately because I fell, tore my rotator cuff, can’t take over-the-counter pain relievers (because I’m on the anti-coagulant medicine Coumadin), and am experiencing a lot of pain. Yesterday, an orthopedic doctor advised against surgery (because of my age) and prescribed physical therapy, which would suck without pain medication.

Do any of these photos suck?





That sucks that nature can’t fix a rotator cuff tear. I wish it could.

That sucks that my singing was a little pitchy last night  when I sang at a social work party.

That sucks that you can’t really hear the chorus:

We work each day

For not much pay

No time to play

But it’s okay.

Is “it’s okay” the opposite of “that sucks”?  I’m trying to get from “that sucks” to “it’s okay” today.

Thanks to all who helped me create this “That sucks” post and to my readers (who do not suck, stink, blow, blow dead rats,  take the biscuit, etc.) including YOU.



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