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Day 3449: Enlightenment

I often gain enlightenment by interacting with others and somebody on Twitter shared this enlightening image in response to my question about to-do lists:


Here is an enlightening definition of enlightenment:

Here and now, I’m going to make up a new definition of enlightenment: the realization that one of the reasons you’re not sleeping well is that there is too much lightenment in your bedroom because there is no way to hang blackout curtains.

Perhaps one of my readers will offer some enlightenment about how to fix that problem. In the meanwhile, I have en-lightened my wallet by ordering several sleep masks that, so far, aren’t comfortable enough.

Here are some quotes about enlightenment from

Can you find enlightenment in any of my other images for today?

I think it’s funny that I’m blogging about enlightenment and light on National Daylight Day and the longest day of the year. If you need enlightenment about any of the National Days in June, here’s an enlightening link:

I wonder whether people realize that Google is a path to enlightenment about many questions.

Here’s the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for enlightenment:

Thanks to all who help me find enlightenment every day, including YOU.

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Day 383: Waking up around 3:30

On Day 40, when I was visiting an old friend in South Carolina, I wrote a post titled “I’ve been waking up around 3:30 throughout this vacation.”

Last week, I visited a different old friend (whom I hadn’t seen in several decades), and he told me this: He often wakes up in the middle of the night around the time of his father’s death.

Last night, I woke up around 3:30, again.

I wonder what the time of my mother’s death was?  I know it was during the middle of the night.

There are many possible explanations for my waking up at 3:30, last night:

  1. I ate some food for dinner, which was very delicious the first time I tasted it, but less delicious the second time.
  2. I might have sleep apnea.  For those of you reading this who think I should have a sleep study done as soon as possible, I’M WORKING ON IT, OKAY?
  3. My subconscious had lots of ideas about my next blog post.
  4. Lots of people, including me, seem to have forgotten (or never learned) how to sleep, which is pretty incredible, when you think about it, since sleeping should be natural for human beings, much like — say — breathing and eating.
  5. Oh.

I’m sure there were lots more reasons why I might have woken up last night around 3:30, including the fact that it’s Full Moon Time.  Lots of smart people I know remark on the importance of the full moon, and how it affects us.

When I looked out into the Wide Wide Internet last night and this morning, I saw many people sharing photos of the moon, including:


(thanks to Mark Bialczak)


(thanks to Poesy plus Polemics, plus Anonymously Uncool from

And here’s one (plus a poem I especially appreciated), from Fool’s Blog  …


… which reminds me of the one I took, full of wonder, last night:


So even though the current full moon is the smallest of 2014:


(left to right, front row:  Current “Minimoon”; “Super Moon” expected 8/10/14) 1

…. it still has a big effect. And that effect may have included my waking up around 3:30, last night.

Thanks to friends old and new, my mother, my fellow bloggers, moon-y people everywhere, and to you — of course! — for showing up today.

  1.  My main reasons for creating this footnote were (a) to let you know that I blogged, here, about some past pursuits of Super Moons  and (b) to continue my practice doing footnotes here at WordPress. However, I also have to comment on that photo. It’s doctored, people! I mean, look at it!  When have you ever seen two moons in one photograph? Also, look at the caption.  The moon on the right IS FROM THE FUTURE. Oh, and thanks to The Mother Nature Network.
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Day 380: S-words (Secundo)

Several days ago, I wrote a post, called “S-words.”  I am surmising, this second, that it might be helpful to write a sequel to that.  Shall we start?

1.  Secundo.

That word spontaneously showed up in my mind, when I was shaping the title of this post. I speculated that “Secundo” might be spot-on, even though I wasn’t sure it was really a word. I searched Google and ….

Web definitions
The secondary part of a duet


2. Sleep.

Like scores of people I see, I struggle with sleep, sometimes, and I’ve spoken about that before. WordPress shows the word “sleep” in seven of my post titles, so far. (Should you wish to survey that series: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh.)

Here’s some stuff I  want to say about sleep:

  • On the night before I see somebody I’m excited to see, I  usually have trouble sleeping. Specifically, I’m seeing two  people, tomorrow, whom I haven’t seen for a s***-load of years.  One person I know from school; the second person is somebody I met from the first psychotherapy group I ever attended. So, the fact that I’m seeing these two old friends, both on the same day … is that synchronicity? Or simply coincidence? Whatever we call it, it’s screwing up my sleep.
  • I’m going to stop this list, so I can return to slumber-land.

Before I slide black into slumber, however, there are some loose strings I’d like to sew up, from some previous posts. In yesterday’s post, I spoke about losing gloves, and how I was going to search for one of these at work.



Secondly,  readers may have noticed my series of  attempts to simplify my system for doing footnotes here at WordPress, including my search for a surprisingly elusive solution: superscripts.

I’ve struggled to find The Superscript Solution, for several weeks. Actually, simply ‘splaining what a superscript is has been a struggle, since I haven’t been able to show you one, so far.

Yesterday, WordPress Support sent me an email, with a solution.

Should I attempt it?1

She shoots, she scores!

Thanks to sleepers, insomniacs, and, especially, WordPress Support. And, a special shout out to you, for reading tonight, today, or whenever.

  1.  Some people say that when you can’t sleep, you should spend some time doing something soothing before attempting to go back to sleep. Some people might say that doing something new, like using a superscript for the first time2 in a blog post, might interfere with going back to sleep. What’s been your experience?
  2. The second time was easier. I also want to let people know that I will share my new wisdom, soon. 3
  3. Here’s the secret formula:  <sup>3</sup>   which needs to be inserted on the “text” format page.
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