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Day 794: Sitting

I am sitting here, in my kitchen, typing on my iPhone, not sure what to include in this post about “Sitting” this morning. 

Where you’re sitting, you could be thinking I’m sitting with little to say about “Sitting.” To unseat that misconception, here’s a sitting list I’m sitting with, right now:

  • On my way to work yesterday, here’s what I saw while I was sitting in my car:

  •  When I got to work, I was sitting with people who are trying to improve their lives through group and individual psychotherapy. 

  • Later, while I was sitting waiting to talk to somebody about financial matters, I saw these:

  • To more clearly show you the size of those chairs, one of these could have been sitting in that photo, rather than just sitting in my backpack:

  • Last night, I saw this right before I left home without my cats:

  • Then, after I was sitting with amazement about GETTING A PARKING SPACE ON THE STREET IN DOWNTOWN BOSTON,  I saw these sitting around the theater district:

  • Soon, I was sitting (and not sitting) in the mezzanine  of Boston’s Wilbur Theater with my beloved ex-sister-in-law, Deborah, as Los Lobos unseated everybody with an amazing guitar-wailing, roots-shaking, foot-stomping, grab-you-where-you’re-sitting performance. 

As you can see, we weren’t sitting very close. But that sat okay, with me and Deborah.

Another thing about sitting: I’ve been sitting for what seems like months now, waiting for cardiologists to get back to me with recommendations about the very unusual heart sitting in my chest. That reminds me of Jimmy Cliff singing “Sitting in Limbo.”

(If Jimmy Cliff’s live performance of that song is sitting in limbo as you read this post, it’s also sitting in YouTube.) 

Limbo is not so bad if other people are sitting there with you (and making good music, too). 

This post will NOT be sitting well with me unless I include a Los Lobos song I heard last night (also sitting at YouTube, right now):

Many thanks to Deborah, to Los Lobos, to Jimmy Cliff, to people who cope and heal sitting in groups and on their own, to sitting cats and bunny pens, to chairs of all sizes, to all the wonderful people I saw sitting and standing yesterday (including Mary, who reads this blog, at the concert last night), and — of course! — to you, for sitting through this whole post, here and now.

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