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Day 3503: Timeless

Do you have time, here and now, to read a timeless definition and timeless quotes?


Last night, after watching the movie One Night in Miami… and thinking about this timeless Sam Cooke song


… I asked this question on Twitter:

Several of the timeless lyrics had to do with time, including “Time in a Bottle” and “Yesterday.” I guess time is timeless.

While writing this “Timeless” post, I am very aware of the passage of time, and it’s exactly one year since we drove to Maine to pick up our shelter cat Joan and bring her home.

What’s timeless in my other images for today?

I just spent $20 dollars on a harness and leash for Joan so she can spend time outdoors. I hope she enjoys it.

I look forward to your timeless comments, below, and timeless thanks to all who take the time to visit this blog, including YOU!

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Day 3210: What I learn from my cat

Because it’s Global Cat Day tomorrow, I am inspired by my worldly and composed shelter cat Joan to compose today’s post.

Here’s Joan …

… who teaches me

  • That it’s nicer in the sun.
  • Not to be discouraged by obstacles.
  • To live in the moment.
  • Life is a combination of comfort and discomfort.
  • To ask for what I want, despite inevitable communication barriers.
  • I can still be adorable when I’m having medical issues.
  • People may assume what I’m feeling, based on their own experience.
  • Resilience includes the ability to adapt to what is.
  • Almost everything is fun to play with.
  • Even when healing is slow, be patient.
  • A refrigerator door opening is something to celebrate.
  • So many different types of food (including our other cat Harley’s food) are delicious.
  • Not to be discouraged if somebody hisses at me.
  • If a door is closed, open it myself or get somebody else to open it for me.
  • I may accidentally do damage some times, but people will forgive me.
  • Try to achieve a good mix of running around and relaxing.
  • Gratitude can be expressed in many different ways, including with a purr.
  • Females rule!

What can we learn from my other images for today?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what I learn from my cat”:

Here’s Cyndi Lauper with “Like a Cat”:

What have you learned from this post?

Thanks and purrs to all those who help me blog every day, including Joan and YOU!

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