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Day 3093: Random photos

Yesterday, I sent out this tweet about random photos:

My brain has too many tabs open and here are more random photos (and tweets) that tell you something about me:

That last image shows somebody on Twitter responding to my request to share a random photo that tells us something about them.

I think it’s difficult to share random photos in the comments section here, but if you could, what random photo would you share?

Here’s a random photo of my late father, in honor of Fathers Day:

Here’s the random song I’ve been thinking of since I started writing today’s random photos post:

As always, I take and share random photos to express my gratitude to YOU.

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Day 1555: What belongs to you

Here’s a message from a teabag that belonged to me yesterday:


When I read that teabag, I thought it was telling me that a house by the water, which I had come to over the weekend,  belonged to me.

Earlier in the day, to find out whether the house really belonged to me, I came to it in my car and commuted to work from there.


All during the day, I came to many people and told them that house belonged to me and that I was going to make an offer on it.  People came to me and told me I belonged in that house and they wished me good luck in getting it.

Then, at the end of the day, I saw the house again and it came to me that the house and I did NOT belong together.

Since that house does not belong to me, what does belong to me?

  • My thoughts.
  • My feelings.
  • My wishes.
  • My hopes.
  • My dreams.
  • My mind.
  • My spirit. 
  • My heart.
  • My decisions.
  • The consequences of my actions.

More photos that belong to me will now come to you.















Now that I’ve shared those pictures, they belong to you, too.

Here’s something else that belongs to me: the smiles of my late parents.


My parents belonged near the water and so do I.  What belongs to me will come to me, eventually.

This video  about what belongs to you just came to me on YouTube:

My name, which belongs to me but is used more by others, is Ann Koplow. My gratitude, which belongs to you, is now coming to you.


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