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Day 1588: When will the good times start?

If you’re like most people, you probably believe the good times will start when

  • you have more money,
  • your living situation improves,
  • you’re healthier,
  • you look more attractive,
  • the political situation changes,
  • more people agree with you,
  • your relationships get better,
  • your job gets better,
  • you’re doing more interesting things,
  • other people alter their behaviors,
  • you alter your behaviors, or
  • something else changes in the future.

Last night, the good times started when I got this fortune:


Okay, everybody!  Let’s count to 3!

1 ….






According to that good fortune I found last night, now that we’ve counted to 3, the good times have started!

How shall we celebrate these good times?





When will the good comments start? 1… 2… 3. Let’s look below and see!

Finally, how shall I express good-time thanks to all who helped me create the good times in this post and — of course — to you?



2 …




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Day 1447: Life is short

Yesterday, the wonderful Kathy at cardiac rehab said to me

Life is short

when we were discussing my long-lived wish to live the rest of my short life near a beautiful body of water.

Whenever somebody says

Life is short

I agree with that person, even though I’ve lived  much longer than most people expected I would.

To me,

Life is short


  • seize the moment,
  • don’t waste time,
  • do what you love,
  • spend time with good people,
  • enjoy yourself,
  • don’t settle for less,
  • take care of yourself,
  • be mindful,
  • balance your needs with other people’s needs,
  • do what works,
  • accept and experience all your feelings, and
  • appreciate the here and now.

What does

Life is short

mean to you?

Here are the pictures I took yesterday when I was seizing the moment, not wasting time, doing what I loved, spending time with good people, enjoying myself, not settling for less, taking care of myself, being mindful, balancing my needs with other people’s needs, doing what worked, accepting and experiencing all my feelings, and appreciating the here and now:







Because life is short, I won’t keep you much longer, but here’s a short song with lots of life.

Short thanks from this short person to all those who helped me write this short post and — of course! —  to you, for improving my short life with your short visit, today.

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