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Day 1439: Let things come to you

I let things come to me every morning after I wake up, including the title of my daily blog post. ┬áThis morning, I was considering naming this post “Self Care,” since that was the topic of my therapy group last night. However, lately I’ve been following a new tradition of getting my blog post titles from teabags, and this is the teabag that most recently came to me:


Let things come to you, including these three other photos I took yesterday:




I’m letting these things come to me, here and now:

  1. The realization that I left a few words out of the questions I wrote on the white board during group last night.
  2. “Just do it” is good advice about self care AND about letting things comes to you.
  3. My Secret Santa at work is letting chocolate come to me.

Let things come to you, including this music:

Now I’ll let things come to me, including comments from you.

Let my gratitude come to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for coming to this blog today.


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Day 1438: New traditions

Yesterday morning, in a therapy group, people made helpful comparisons between old traditions and new traditions for the holidays.

Then, we shared an old tradition of drawing, writing, and otherwise expressing ourselves about the chosen topic of the group. I will now practice the old tradition of showing you what I create in my non-traditional therapy groups.


Would you like to join with me in practicing those traditions of:

  • peace,
  • letting go of guilt,
  • letting go of worry,
  • asking for what we need,
  • accepting help from others, and
  • more time with nature?

Are there new traditions you might choose for yourself during this holiday season?

I have an old tradition of sharing the photos I take the day before in my posts. Do you see any new (or old) traditions in these new photos?


















Since life is to communicate, I will communicate that the birds above reminded me of this non-traditional exchange in the group yesterday:

I’m not bothered by the tweeting of birds.

I am bothered by somebody else and his tweeting.

As is my tradition, I will include some music inspired by the content of today’s post.


Whether it’s an old or new tradition for you to leave me a comment, go for it!

Traditional thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for sharing traditions with me.

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