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Day 3135: Having people over

For the first time since the world got Covid-19 (including me, in March 2020), we’re having people over today.

Yesterday, Michael brought the table and chairs up from the basement and put them out on the deck he recently redid.

I’m nervous and happy at the same time. I feel very out of practice.

I wonder if any of my images for the day will help me prepare for having people over.

The people I’m having over today love the Daily Bitch, and this is the first time they’ll be seeing her in person. (She’s also great on ZOOM.)

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “having people over.”


This showed up, too:

What are your thoughts and feelings about having people over?

As always, I’m grateful to be having you over here, now.

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Day 2656: Waiting for other people to join

Yesterday morning, while I was waiting for other people to join a virtual work meeting, I snapped this photo of my computer screen:


These days, I’m waiting for other people to join

  • together in global efforts to save ourselves and our planet,
  • any safe, healthy, healing, and anxiety-reducing activities available to them,
  • my Coping and Healing groups online,
  • me in wishing  others a Happy Passover and Happy Easter this week,
  • me in wishing my dear friend Jeanette a Happy Birthday,
  • the present moment, rather than worrying about the future or regretting the past, and
  • each other in looking at all my other photos from yesterday.













We’re waiting for other people to join us in a more typical Passover Seder next year. In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to partake of Michael’s amazing cooking last night.

Now I’m waiting for other people to join in watching this bit by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco about joining his first Passover Seder …

…  this “Happy Passover!” musical greeting from the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

… and this “Passover Songs Mashup – Dance Spectacular! with Elliot Dvorin and the Key Tov Orchestra from the days when it was possible for other people to join each other in public spaces :

I’m waiting, with other people like David Eisen, for a return to times like those.

David Eisen
3 days ago
I watch this every year to get into the Passover mood…5 years running strong! And, boy, do we need this uplifting spirit this year. God willing things will be back to normal in 2021/5781!

Now I’m waiting for other people to join in expressing their thoughts and feelings in comments, below.

Finally, waiting for other people to join me in being SO grateful for another day.



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