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Day 2994: This difficult time

Today’s blog post is inspired by the Daily Bitch, who helps me get through this difficult time.

During this difficult time, I will post my latest images.

During this difficult time, I’ve been facilitating five remote Coping and Healing groups each week and I’ll be adding a sixth one next Friday. In yesterday’s Coping and Healing group, I asked people who were experiencing this difficult time to use their sense of touch for a mindfulness exercise, focusing on something soft and comforting. I chose Harley’s favorite cat toy, pictured above.

I also suggested that people get through this difficult time by being especially kind to themselves.

Music helps me get through this difficult time. When I search YouTube for “Pat Metheny this difficult time,” I find this:

During this difficult time, it helps to believe that there are “Better Days Ahead.”

What are your thoughts and feelings about this difficult time?

During this difficult time, I am especially grateful for people like YOU.

For some unknown reason, I’m having this difficult time uploading and publishing this difficult time post. During this difficult time, I’ll just keep trying, while being especially kind to myself.

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