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Day 2846: Scary pictures

During these pre-election times, many pundits are writing about scary scenarios, picturing uncertainty, upheaval, violence, and protracted legal battles after people cast their votes in the USA.

I hear from many people that they distract themselves, especially during this time of the year, by watching scary pictures, like the Halloween series.

Picturing scary election scenarios and watching scary pictures both make me shiver and quiver with too much fear, so I’m distracting myself by taking my own scary pictures. Which one is the scariest picture, to you?

The Daily Bitch calendar for today is scarily coincident with last night’s question for my Coping and Healing group.

Tonight, Michael will be taking pictures of my remote appearance on an Open Mic, which I hope won’t be too scary.

There are lots of “scary pictures” videos on YouTube. For scarily unknown reasons, I clicked on “Scary pictures with happy music pizza sound nature.”

I hope you don’t find pictures of gratitude scary, because I take a lot of those!

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