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Day 2912: When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time

When someone showed me this quote from Maya Angelou, I believed them the first time.

When someone shows me who they are and they are scary, scared, disturbed, angry, hurt, or unkind, I believe them the first time. I also want to believe they can get better. I believe that is because I am a psychotherapist.

I also believe people have to be themselves and some people are more capable of change than others.

Do I show you who I am when I show you the images I capture for this blog?

When The Daily Bitch showed me who she was years ago, I believed her the first time (and every time since).

When someone showed up on a truck in my neighborhood yesterday …

… I believed it was Santa.

Here are Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey showing you who they are as they talk about this important life lesson.

When you show me who you are in a comment, I’ll believe you.

I’ve been showing you who I am — a grateful person — since I first started this blog, and I hope you believe me!

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Day 2527: Essentials

I think clear communication is essential, so I’m essentially starting today’s blog post with a definition of essentials.

plural noun: essentials

a thing that is absolutely necessary.
“we had only the bare essentials in the way of gear”

the fundamental elements or characteristics of something.
“he was quick to grasp the essentials of an opponent’s argument”

Are you quick to grasp the essentials of a blog post from me?














What essentials do you see in my photographs?  I see the essentials of connection, loyalty, self-care, animals, and others.

It’s essential that I get to work on time, so I’m going to quickly finish this blog post with another essential for me — music. Last night, my essential fiancé and I danced to tunes that might become our essential song. It’s not essential that you listen to these (here and here on YouTube), but I hope you do.


What are your essentials?

Of course, gratitude is an essential here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally, so thanks to all who are essential in helping me create these daily posts, including YOU!


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