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Day 777: Update panic

Update: Santa Monica, California. February 16, 2015.

Dear Readers,

I am having multiple cases of Update Panic, right now.

Wait!  I need to update this blog post, already.  What IS Update Panic? And how can I have multiple cases of a mental and/or physical disorder that perhaps I just made up?

Arrghh! Now I need to update this post, again!  Why? Well,  I just assumed, in that previous paragraph, that “Update Panic” is not listed anywhere else on the internet, but I didn’t research that, first, by using a search engine like, say,  “Google.”

Gee!  I wonder if I have the latest update of Google?!?!?

Oh, it probably doesn’t matter.

Eeeek!  “It probably doesn’t matter” is what I sometimes tell myself about things I use on my computer, and then something changes  — like my ability to load photos from my iPhone to my laptop easily by using a cable connection — and I DON’T KNOW WHY!!!!

And THAT reminds me how my cursor has been freezing recently when I write blog posts and I don’t know if that has to do with WordPress updates or updates for my laptop or SOMETHING ELSE!!!

Update Panic!!!!

Here’s another update from me. I have put aside my Update Panics about uploading photos and my cursor freezing, for the moment, in order to give you another update regarding my aforementioned Google search for “Update Panic.”

When I searched Google for “Update Panic,” I saw this:

“About 40,900,000 results (0.27 seconds)”

… but no indication that “Update Panic” is a previously documented mental or physical problem.  Therefore, in the moment, I believe I can update this post by claiming, truly, that I have created something new and unique here, with “Update Panic.”

Wait!  I’m having another form of update panic, now!  I’m wondering if in my panicked states about updates, I am confusing my readers with all these updates within this post! Also, I’m realizing that I haven’t updated this post by doing something I like to do: just asking you how YOU might define a new term called “Update Panic.”

Yikes!  Before I panic any further about updates on the internet or the outernet, here is my personal definition of “Update Panic:”

  1. A rational and/or irrational fear of losing things,  screwing things up, and/or confusing matters, because of constant updates to software, hardware, and humanware, chosen or not chosen.
  2. The fear, deep within the gut, that ensues when humanware cannot tell whether updates installed or NOT installed are to blame for the unexpected inability to perform tasks using the same routines that worked before.

Aarrghh!  Now I have to update this post, AGAIN, with a definition of the “outernet” and of “humanware,” both of which I think I also just made up.

Okay, here’s my best shot at those updates:

outernet (noun).  Anything that is not the internet.

humanware (noun).  Humans (ironic).

I’m sure I could do a better job at defining those terms, but I’m IN THE MIDDLE OF UPDATE PANIC, PEOPLE!!

Why am I update panicking?

Here are more specific reasons for my current update panics, which I haven’t updated you about, yet: In an attempt to fix my recently developed inability to load my photos easily from my iPhone to my Mac Air laptop, I just updated both my phone AND my laptop with the latest operating systems available.

Question: Why didn’t I make those updates before now?

Answer: Update Panic!

Question: Why did I decide to do both updates at the same time, this morning?

Answer: Update Panic!

I tried to talk myself down from my Update Panic this morning, as I updated both my phone and my laptop, before I started writing this post.

Here’s another update: I had Update Hope,* too, as I waited for both my iPhone and laptop operating system updates to complete, because I thought that updating those might fix my photo-uploading problems.

Here’s another update!  Are you ready?

I still can’t load pictures between my iPhone and my laptop, even though I now have the latest possible versions of updates for my phone and my laptop!


Here’s another update: When I just googled, AGAIN, “iPhone photos not loading to mac air,” I found information that seems to indicate that iPhoto — the photo management software I’ve been using since I first joined the Apple World a few years ago — is OBSOLETE, now that I have updated to Yosemite, the latest operating system available for my Apple laptop.

Here’s another symptom of my Update Panic:  I’m even more easily distracted than usual. Therefore, “Yosemite” is reminding me of the last time I visited California, in 1997. I was here with my ex-husband, for the wedding of a friend. We also visited my long-time friend Lawry, whom my son, Aaron, and I will be seeing in a few days, when we drive up the coast of California.

Back then, in 1997, my then-husband and I also visited Yosemite, which was incredibly beautiful.


(Photo found on Wikipedia page)

Sometime, during that 1997 trip to California, even though I had given up on the possibility of our ever having a child, my ex and I conceived our now almost-17-year-old son, Aaron.  I was 44 years old.

Now I’m having this Update Panic.  After a memory like that, can I even return to the present?

Yes, I can and here’s another update:  When I discovered earlier today that iPhoto might be obsolete, incompatible or whatever other updated word we want to use, now that I have updated my computer with the Yosemite Operating System, my Update Panic seriously increased. As a matter of fact, I feared that ALL MY PHOTOS HERE AT WORDPRESS  MIGHT NOT SHOW UP.

When I visited WordPress after that Update Panic, I found that the photos were still all here.


Here’s another update: How do I know if I am suffering from a serious and documentable case of Update Panic, when I just made up the whole syndrome?  And if Update Panic is a new and previously undocumented problem (perhaps shared by me and others in the internet and outernet) … how can I or anybody else treat it ?

Well, I assume the treatment is the same as for any other type of panic. That treatment often includes the following:

  • Breathe.
  • Notice that you are safe enough, where you are.
  • Be aware of cognitive distortions, like catastrophizing, that are increasing the panic.
  • Tell yourself that the current source of panic — for example, not being able to transfer photos to the blog as easily as you did before — is NOT a life-and-death situation.
  • Breathe again.
  • Recognize that any change, even ones you choose, can cause fear.
  • Remember that you have the skills and experience to do “work arounds” to get the result that you want (for example, posting photos), even if it takes more time and patience than you originally allocated for the task.
  • Remind yourself that even though you might project expectations on to others (for example, assuming that your loyal readers will be disappointed if you do not post lots of photos every day you post), those projections may not be accurate.
  • Be aware of those you love and other supports near or far (for example, as you’ve been updating your travel plans).
  • As you do your best with all of the above, notice whether the updates and changes have had any positive effects.

Hmmmm. All those techniques, above, are helping me, right now.  And, I’m noticing that my cursor hasn’t frozen, yet, since I started writing this post.

Oh, wait. Here’s another update: my cursor just froze.

I am still not panicking.  I guess all those suggestions are still helping me.

I shall now further reduce any residual Update Panic by emailing myself some photos I took yesterday in California. I assume that solution will work, even after all these system updates.

Here are some photos I took yesterday, as my son and I enjoyed beautiful and warm Santa Monica, California:

IMG_5531 IMG_5532

Those two photos show the only thing I’ve seen, so far, that really reminds me of the snow I left behind in New England. Here’s an update about what those white speckles are: Pear tree blossoms in the patio of Krystal and Jim’s lovely home in Santa Monica.


Here’s another update: that’s something I see, whenever I look for it, everywhere I go.

Any Updates you want to add to this post, in the comment section below? I promise you I won’t panic.

Many thanks to Aaron, Krystal, Jim, Lawry, my ex-husband, Yosemite, Santa Monica, pear tree blossoms, love, and — of course! — to you, for reducing my update panic today, with your visit to this post.

* Final update for this post: “Update Hope” is another term I just made up.  I’m not panicking about that, either.

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