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Day 3340: 2’s Day

Today is 2/22/22 (or 22/2/22, depending where you live). It’s a day with many 2’s, and it’s falling on a Tuesday (or 2’s Day, if I’m not being 2 punny). This is 2 exciting and 2, 2 rare!

I hope it’s not 2 much 2 ask that my images 2day feature 2’s, in honor of this 2, 2 special day.

Salmon with cous cous, a dish so nice they named it twice!

The National Days don’t recognize 2’s Day, but I’m not 2 concerned about that.

2day’s video features our 2 cats, Harley and Joan. I’m happy 2 report that my husband of 2 years, Michael, was able 2 capture the 2 of them wrestling, times 2! I hope this video doesn’t take 2 long 2 load.

It’s wonderful 2 see the 2 of them having 2 much fun. It’s a great distraction from the news, which can be 2 overwhelming, 2 be honest.

If you want 2 leave a comment about this 2’s Day post, you know what 2 do.

Thanks 2 you for sharing this 2’s Day with somebody who was born on 2/2 — 2, 2 grateful me. Hope 2 see you 2morrow!

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